Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry Dine in Style?

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Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry were spotted dining in a Kensington burger joint this week, despite rumors of a split. Seemingly enjoying one another's company at Byron Hamburgers--a fast food joint not far from Harry's apartment--the two chowed down on the restaurant's casual fare. This definitely wasn't dining fit for a king--or a prince, as the case may be, but sources say the two were "having a good time."

Rumors of Cressy and Harry's split came as a result of spending most of December apart. Prince Harry was working at the South Pole and she was doing whatever young attractive Brits do in the Caribbean for most of the month. The two reunited, however, and she was set to attend an informal New Years Eve gathering hosted by Queen Elizabeth. Sources speculated that Prince Harry might propose to Cressida Bonas at the event, but that likely didn't take place, as rumors on that topic have remained silent.

A few months back when Harry was supposedly preparing to become engaged to Cressida Bonas, an unidentified source told the media that "talk of Harry and Cressida getting married could not be further from the truth," and that while the prince "is incredibly fond of Cressida and loves her company," he "has commitments and plans in other areas of his life that could be jeopardized by settling down."

Settling down seemed to be the furthest thing from Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry's minds as they enjoyed their burgers in Kensington earlier this week. Perhaps the two are simply dating and the month apart meant nothing more than exactly what it was--a case of work and obligations taking them to different parts of the world. If and when Prince Harry decides to settle down, Cressida Bonas may in fact be the one. However the royals don't seem to care right now. All eyes are on Kate Middleton and Prince William and their beautiful baby boy, Prince George. Harry might even like it this way. When the attention is on Will and Kate, there's a bit less on him. And that means he has a while longer to behave simply as Prince Harry--wild, spontaneous and definitely not attached.

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