Creflo Dollar Denies Attacking His Teenage Daughter

    June 13, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Creflo Dollar, the controversial pastor of World Changers Church International who was arrested last Friday for allegedly striking and choking his daughter, proclaimed his innocence at his church service on Sunday. Dollar was met with a standing ovation from his congregation, and he wasted absolutely no time in setting the record straight.

“I will say this emphatically: I should have never been arrested,” Dollar explained. “I want you all to hear personally from me that all is well in the Dollar household.”

The pastor, who also heads up Creflo Dollar Ministries, allegedly charged, choked, and tossed his daughter to the floor during an argument that soon turned violent. The teenager called police after her father “took his shoe off and started whooping her with it,” according to deputy reports. Dollar was charged with simple battery and cruelty to children.

Following his arrest, Dollar issued a statement through his attorney, stating, “As a father I love my children and I always have their best interest at heart at all times, and I would never use my hand to ever cause bodily harm to my children. The facts in this case will be handled privately to further protect my children. My family thanks you for your prayers and continued support.”

On Sunday, Creflo took the opportunity to address his congregation at-length about the allegations. “The truth is that a family conversation with our youngest daughter got emotional. And emotions got involved and things escalated from there,” he said. “The truth is she was not choked, she was not punched. There were not any scratches on her neck. But the only thing on her neck was a prior skin abrasion from eczema. Anything else is exaggeration and sensationalism.”

Dollar is the pastor of a “megachurch”, which is defined by having more than 2,000 in attendance every week. World Changers Church International claims to have 30,000 members and nearly 6,000 weekly worshipers, most of whom have supported their pastor through this ordeal.

  • Pam Sutton

    He is denying that anything took place, so is he calling his daughter a liar. Where is mum in all this? Where was she when all this was taking place.

    • Lorna

      Well, when you are 15 years old and your parents say to you. You cannot go to a party then you cannot go. I do not know where her mother was, maybe she was saying to her self, I told him not to spoil her little “a”. Not sure but she might be their last child, normally that child is always spoiled and they think that they can do as they please. I wish I would call the police on my parents when I was growing up, or even had the privilege to do so. The law about not whipping your kids is wrong. Abuse, that should never be tolerated. The bible say nothing about not using the rod, when needed. I did and my kids respect me and my parents did and you better believe I respected them until the day they died.

    • http://yahoo kara

      the mom was in her rightful position staying out of it… pastor did/ does not want his daughter to be another statistic… pregnant teen or another LINDSEY LOHAN..

      • Somewhere in the Middle is the Truth..

        Really? Mom should stay out of it? My God, if she was being beaten to death you would expect mom to, “stay out of it.” That tells me alot of your parenting skills, or lack thereof

  • mel

    We now live in a society where there is no prayer in schools, but there are guns and drugs. the bible says homosexuality is wrong, but we have a country that is making those marriages legal — a civil rights issue. When I grew up, the parents were in chrage, not CPS or the media.

    Pastor Dollar IS a man of God who has the right to chastise his children without being arrested. Spare the rod, spoil the child. At 15, living in my house, eating my food and paying no bills who are you to rebel? Kids need to be grateful to fathers and to God. Butt out media!

    • kwolf443

      Mel , ur a typical religious nut case living in deinal of ur true , first his daughter did not ask to be born so she should not be grateful to anything, he made her so it is his responsibility to take care of her ,prayer is pointless and does belong in a public school those kids have enough problems already with adding to them , child protective services was put in place so people like yourself cannot get away with abusing children and then hide behind their false religions to do so , the media just reported the story , only the dollar family really knows what happen , what do u care about two guys living together do u think about all the time is that one of your fanasties ? they put law in place to protect others from thoses that are like u with a bible in one hand and a rifle in the other hand. we have the seperation of church and state for a good reason for those that are like you.

      • Dwight Schrute

        Nothing you just said makes any sense whatsoever. Congratulations on your level of idiocy.

      • http://yahoo kara


      • django

        hahahahaaaa, kwolf is the type of guy who likes to sit on his boyfriend’s lap, singing Christina Aguilara’s “Ain’t No Other Man” while lovingly spoon-feeding him lowfat ice cream… gay as the day is long.

      • paula

        If you were given the opportunity to pray @ skul and be taught about Gods word in the bible you wouldn’t have turned out to be gay.then you wouldn’t feel the need to attack people that live according to Gods word.I don’t blame you anyway living in sin has a way of making us “blind to the truth”..by the way that’s not religion its the simple christian truth!get ur facts straight b4 you call anyone names!

    • Somewhere in the Middle is the Truth..

      What do I think? Adults and children lie all the time. Most of it has to do with trying to stay out of trouble. It seems most writing here, on this board side with the pastor without being there to witness just what went on. He’s a pastor so his daughter is lying, he is a man of the cloth so he does no wrong. Sorry, I don’t buy into the whole better than you because he is a man of God thing.
      All I can think of is the movie, “Night of the Hunter” with Robert Mitchum…

  • Parent of teenagers

    What a novel idea? a rebellious teenager that exaggerates the truth! It happens to the best of us but when it is brought to light, it is an opportunity to make it right.

  • Leslie

    This is a family matter that will need to be resolved within that family;not through the media or people outside the family.It is not my place as a christian to judge anyone. Ultimately the judging is left to God. We cannot allow ourselves to be caught up in the media hype and sensationalism of the issue. My prayers go out to this family. My prayers go out to the world that is so consumed with persecuting each other.

  • http://yahoo kara

    being a single mom of 2 boys, i understand the family arguement, first of all, as parents/ as a parent of young men, i had to put the fear of them in early, i dint want to hear on the news about my Sons being Shot for lack of respect for the Law and their Elders, so i whooped their but, i got CPS called on me, and i let them know, if i do not get in thier behinds now, they will be raping your daughters, murdering your family your sons, stealing from you, i will not be the topic of their conversation during counseling nor be blamed for their bad decision making when i affored them every correction taught them actions vs consequences.. so To Creflo about his daughter, get her now or she will be a statistic, Pregnant TEEN..

  • http://yahoo kara


  • Lebowski

    What a shock, a spoiled brat teenager that tells lies. A few beatings would be the best thing for that kid.

    • Concerned Parent

      Just because he is a pastor doesn’t mean he didn’t do it. What kind of parent would be fighting with his children after midnight on a school day?
      Sorry, we are only hearing his side of the story. No one else’s. As far as pastor’s go. I remember when I was younger and they had to remove my pastor because his hand got caught in our Youth Group funds, to the tune of over 10grand.

      • http://yahoo bds

        What kind of parent would be fighting with his child after midnight on a school night? The kind of dad who responds when his chld awakens him at midnight thinking that it is just about a conversation and gets blindsided . . . .

  • SH

    I think people completely misinterpret things and thats how things get blown out of proportion. As a Christian I believe in the teachings of the bible and that they will work if you put them into play! Children definitely need some form of discipline because if they don’t have it they go crazy and that’s society proven. Remember that young American boy that was cane whipped in Singapore for spray painting those cars? Have we heard anything about him getting into trouble since then? I don’t believe so. If Pastor Dollar is going to preach the word then he must also practice it so he may not spare the rod. The government wants to use the bible when it applies to issues that they don’t particularly care for but thats inappropriate because they decided on separation of church and state. People should know all the facts regarding the bible and being a Christian before speaking on it. If you want your children running around like idiots then let them that’s your business but don’t blame society when they become junkies, prostitutes, Jeffrey Dahmers or Bin Ladens! GOD Bless!

  • Kryz

    I feel this is an issue that should have been kept within the confines of their home. The Lord knows the actual truth, and who is lying here,and I doubt seriously it is the Pastor. And according to the priorities of a marriage the wife was correct staying out of it, as the man is the hed of the house, after Christ. That child is not 18 years old, and therefore she is still under her parents ruling, she was the one at fault crying, probably getting hysterical as most teenagers seem to love doing now a days, and trying to act like a spoiled brat to get her own way, and so when she couldn’t get it, she gets angry with her father and calls the police on him….”Spare the rod and spoil the child is an excellent example of what happened here.

    My prayers are going up for Pastor Creflo and his family…When prayers go up ..the blessings come down, so why are y’all not praying for them, and especially for his out of control daughter who is directly being influenced by satanic forces in the spiritual battle that is going on in Pastor Creflo’s home. But ya also know that when Satan is attacking you this badly, you HAVE to be doing something right. I thank God for his ministry. It is true that only God has the right to judge here all so. I do not feel that God has taken that ability out of His own hands and placed it in anyones elses hand, or raised anyone on a throne higher than His is so they can be found to be the final judge. God’s Word says “If God is for us, who can be against us?”, so I do believe we already know the outcome of this story :)

  • jayne

    I hope he did not abuse his child by choking her. If he did hit her it maybe for the same reason I slapped my teenager for calling me a name or getting smartthe same way if a man called us a nasty name for no reason we would slap them. Just because he is a a minister does not mean he did not loose his temper and things got out of hand. However, as a minister you are held to a higher standard and should exercise self control. We are all human even those of us who believe in the Bible as being the Word of God. So if this did happen I hope forgiveness and good counseling happens.

  • Connie

    This is just like marriage, everyone is on the outside looking and they need to stay out of this the same. Pastor Dollar, my prayers are wtih you and your family. As children get older, some want to try and go against their parents and their parents rules. We as parents have to teach our children how they should live and be a productive person to society.

  • ronald jenkins

    Child abuse laws are a joke. It would be better to have parent training assistance. This way the goverment will have a hands on feel for what each parent is dealing with. These kids now-a-days are out of control because they know their parents have no real authority to challenge their discipline.

  • Norven

    Once again, there are so moany people out there who think these kids are just honest little angels, until they are a victim. Then they scream for blood and blame the parents, the same parents they don’t want “whipping” the child. Mama whipped me because she knew if she didn’t, the cops would. I am glad she did, because in my family there is a line, those of us who got “whipped” graduated from college, those who did not are career drug dealers. My sister and I left home when we were teenagers, thinking they were too strict on us and we “KNEW” they were wrong. NOw, I call my mother ever so often to thank her for “beating my a$$”. Thanks to her I knew there are consequences for negative behavior. I work in a field where I come in contact with youth who are in the Justice System. My informal surveys have shonw that most of them were not whipped as kids, go figure??? I thought whipping kids made them violent?

    • Debbie

      I am 56, and right today if I showed disrespect to my mother, who is 74,( and capable of whipping my but today), why, I would not open my mouth, that is what I expect to happen! Like the Dollar family, I was brought up to fear God, and the rod. There were 6 of us, and my mom and dad(a minister)did a fine job of raising us. I shudder to think where we would be today if we were allowed to do the things we wanted to do, and left to our own like so many children are today.

  • http://WebproNews Lyndon Britt

    As every one is saying, we don’t know the whole story and that’s okay. The particulars for what went on is for the family to handle. As for the daughter she may be at the age where she is “trying” her parents and it got out of hand. I believe in discipline for our children, the word of God and it can keep some kids out of trouble. If we don’t teach our children the “way they should go” there are plenty of people who are willing. As for Rev Dollar, it seems that if the police are called on something domestic someone is going to jail, usually the male on the scene and that’s tragic. But, suppose just suppose it was the child that was immediately taken from the household as a “measure of protection” from further “abuse” and immediately placed in the “system” leaving all her stuff behind and for her own good and kept away from her family until the issues were sorted out? Just imagine how things would turn out then.

  • kiki

    I think this action that was very bad, the pastor had power on his daughter he cant want she went to the party, he is the head in his house family, the law of USA is stupid like that the young people lost and took the bad way. for me i want USA lawyer will make the new order to facilitate the parents who live in USA will have control the kids.I thanks the case of pastor Dollar that a bad example for the society.

    Pastor JBF.

  • nelia marella

    Sorry, Just because the daughter is crying he’s going to beat her, what kind of a father he is. All he have to do is tell her is, you can not go and tell her why. What have happened to all his prayers,you would think that child already knew to be obedient and knew already to honor thy father and thy mother. What happened to all the good examples and bible teaching ? Go figure? I do not believe any of this vultures . We do not know what’s going on behind close doors.

  • Pamella Lee

    As a follower of our Lord Jesus Christ I frequently follow Dr. Dollars teachings. I know him to be an honorable man who is doing his best to lead the church into the knowledge of the love and forgiveness of GOD. There is, without question, a spirit of disobedience and rebellion in our society today which undeniably influences all the young people and the attitude of ingratitude and lawlessness is effecting all who are open to it. My prayers are with Creflo and his family – He who is in us is stronger than he who is in the world. In GOD I trust.

    • Tammy

      THAT’s why ur white and lonely!white men beat their women too. some men are dogs and some are not, doesn’t matter about the race.

  • Roy

    I don’t know what everyone is so ups with the Pastor for beating, choking and wrestling his daughter to the ground then attacking her with his shoes, black men been beating and disrespecting their women for decades, they call them oies and sluts and any other negative name they can come up with, it starts when they’re little girls. Their women are so brain washed they even thinks it’s ok to get beat by their men, just as long as they can keep them in the house. I’m a white man and I don’t disrespect the black women. So what’s all the fuss about, black men make all those babies and dont take care of them and hardly ever marry their woman, but just like Pastor black men love to play the Victim…so glad I’m White!!!!!

    • BRUCE

      We are glad that you are white. You just put all black men into one category. Intelligent people know better.

    • Nancy

      Shame on you Roy, you don’t know the whole story. You have stinkin’ thinkin’. You place people in a catagory and you are wrong. Very wrong.
      I’m one of 2 white women that attend a inner-city church in Detroit, my Pastor and the men that attend church are remarkable men. There is no other church I’d rather attend.The men love their wives, families, and friends. They are men of honor.I moved back to Detroit after living in the Thumb Area of Michigan for 25 year. Many men in the Thumb could learn a few valuable lessons from the men at my church.
      Roy, I pray that you will have a heart transplant when it comes to people. You are missing so much.Yes, I am a Christian.

  • Nancy

    Thank God for Pastor Dollar, he did the right thing with his daughter. She is was the one rebelling against family home rules. Pastor Dollar is the one that loves her, raises her, makes provisions for her.
    The news media will report all the wrong facts. Magnafy a circumstance especially when it comes to a Christian Leader.
    As a single mom of now 4 grown children, I expected all of them to follow home rules. If they violated any rule there was a consequence to be paid. My son and oldest daughter gave me a run for the money. If they skipped school and I found out, I made arrangements to go to school with them and attend classes with them. If they went to parties that I disapproved of, I’d show up and put them in a neck lock and drag them out. If they did any thing outside of the law, I reported them to the police. Today as adults all four of my children are successful. I’m blessed. As a parent I take it very serious and I knew what was the very best for each of my children. I’m their mom not their friend. I not a parent to be in a popularity contest.
    The police officers involved should have asked the parents what happen. Children and teenagers today think that they can get away with all sort of things and turn their parents in just because the parents said “NO”.
    Once again thank God for Pastor Dollar! As Christians we need to stand up for what is right.

    • Puerto Rican

      It amazes me that so many people point fingers and assume things when they weren’t even there. I understand that there is good and bad in ever color an sex in this human race. But I am a Christian that lives in a home with a 16yr old that believes she should be able to live her own life and choose her own rules. We have heard 100 times that if we touch her she’ll call the police. Disrespect is a hard pill to swallow. Know matter what rules she wants to brake the police say we can’t touch her. If we want to do anything, they said we can have her locked up. that will cost us around $70 a day plus court fees. If we take the car she just gets a ride. If parents can’t make their children live by there rules then what are we to do? Please don’t get me wrong. I truly don’t believe that he punched or choked his daughter. I do know what it’s like to have a teenager that is out of control that we’ve needed to wrestle to the ground. We would all do so much more for this family if we all prayed for them instead of trying to guess what really or why this happened.

  • gabriel

    I think this is an attack on pastor dollar.. I can’t believe He got locked up for disciplining His child. I don’t believe He punched and choked his daughter.. But parents must be allowed to have some athority to discipline their children without being afraid of jail. It is of no shock that so many teens are rebelious and in crime today.. Parents should be allowed to train up their children in the way they should go.

  • paula

    I know creflo Dollar is a servant of God who teaches people about the word of God and how they can apply it in their lives.surely this knowledgeable man knows how to practice what he preaches,if not the same God he serves wil provide him with the grace to do so..I believe the allegations made against this man are simply a way to discredit him.while people find it so easy to stop believing in someone who has done soo much good,coz of one lousy allegation,y don’t you all keep a close eye on him now.God always takes care of his own and he will lift creflo out of this mess even greater than he was b4.stop trying 2 luk down on christians n sort out ur own issues b4 u “play God” and start judging situations u have no clue about