Creative Ships Virus with MP3 Players

    September 1, 2005
    Chris Crum

Creative Technology has accidentally shipped about 3,700 Zen MP3 players with a windows virus on them, and has recalled them.

The players whose serial numbers are between 1230528000001 and 1230533001680 are infected with the Wullik.B worm that runs on Windows. F-Secure said that the only way the virus will infect a PC is if the user browses files from the player and clicks on the file that is infected.

“When you connect an MP3 player to your computer, your PC normally treats it as just another drive,” Graham Cluley of Sophos told “That means you can scan it with the antivirus software on your computer or have the ‘always-on’ protection that’s running on your PC intercept the virus as you try and copy it to your hard drive. So, as long as you have kept your regular antivirus software up-to-date then you should have nothing much to worry about.”

The infected players were shipped in late July in Japan, and Creative Technology has since stopped shipping any more until the situation is under control.

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