Creating Your Mission Statement

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The opening scenes of Jerry Maguire are forever imprinted in my mind. We experience Jerry’s life as a high powered Sports Agent with a multitude of big money clients. He is at a convention with fellow Sports Agents.

That night, Jerry is jarred awake while dreaming with an epiphany of sorts as he raises this question in an internal dialogue. “Who had I become? A shark in a suit? I hated myself. I hated my place in this world.” A man possessed, he composed at his laptop. “One page became twenty five, I became my father’s son again.”

Feverishly, Jerry crafted his Personal Manifesto. “I had lost the ability to BS,” he wrote, “It (the Mission Statement) was the me I had always wanted to be.” He entitled it “The Things We Think and Do Not Say.” At the 24 hour copy store where he bound and copied his wisdom , a long haired clerk looked into his eyes and said, surferesque, “That’s how you become great, man!” Jerry put a copy in each mailbox of his peers and blissfully went to sleep.

Jerry’s life was seriously altered by stating in writing what he believed. He lost his high powered job and began living his Mission Statement, but it was far from comfortable. Sure, his mentor had said “The key to this business is personal relationships”, but did his only client have to be so obnoxious, arrogant, loud, adding insult to injury by continually spouting “Show me the money!” over and over and over?

Do all Mission statements need to be written at times of such personal awakening a la Jerry Maguire? Not at all! Mission statements can be mulled over, rewritten, revised, reduced and reiterated. They can be one sentence, they can be pages upon pages upon pages.

Why should you take time from your busy schedule to write a Mission Statement? The answer is simple. Some people may choose to travel to an unknown destination without a roadmap, but most will get to their destination more quickly if a map is carefully drawn out prior to putting the key into ignition or putting the foot on the gas.

Carefully crafting your Mission Statement could be paramount in creating a firm foundation for your Web based business. Think for a moment. Why did you start your Website? What were you hoping to do that had not been done before? Simply stated, what is the purpose? How will you do things differently? Jerry had multiple reasons for striking out as he did, for being a Sports Agent in a different way. What are your reasons? Why is your heart calling out to you ?

Secondly, your Mission Statement can bring focus to your exact priorities. You may have surprising discoveries when you bring your actual priorities to light. Your values may be different than you expected.

Hit a roadblock in creating your Mission Statement? Maybe you are saying to yourself, I can’t specifically state my website’s exact purpose or priorities! Do not be discouraged!

The easiest thing to do at this point is to take a deep breath, relax and brainstorm for ten or fifteen minutes. Remind yourself through the process why you started your website in the first place. List a few reasons you feel passionately about it, relax and give yourself time for the ideas to start flowing. Do not push, simply allow.

Brainstorming will unblock your mind. If you had fallen out of love with your internet business, this will be a great tool to re-ignite your energy!

Discovering your purpose should then remind you of your priorities. Your Purpose uncovers the why, while the priorities uncover which of your smaller tasks comes first. Look at each task in small, manageable chunks, breaking each one down as far as you need to and date when each task should be completed.

So, in addition to prioritizing, you need to map out your plan. What are the first tasks you will chose to complete? What will your biggest challenges be? Whose counsel will you seek? How can you be the most proactive as possible as you take your Mission Statement from written form into living, breathing reality?

Finally, you want your Mission Statement to be an evolving document that can take your project from here into perpetuity. Once you have written it, it can be revisited and revised as need be. Sections can be added and deleted over time. Most importantly, you want your overall Mission Statement to have that feeling of “YES! This is My Mission!” It should evoke a sense of Joy, a sense of the good old fashioned marching orders we were given by our childhood coaches.

What’s stopping you? Get out your favorite writing tool and start crafting your Mission Statement. Jerry found love and a new life when he wrote his! What are you going to find? You will find something near and dear to your heart. Chances are, you will find You!

Julie Jordan Scott is a Co-Founder of We Coach People Network: a Community for Coaches to Create a Webpresence and Methods for Achieving Coaching Success without Breaking the Bank. Find out more about this new site now: http://www.WeCoachPeople.net Visit her website: http://www.5passions.com

Creating Your Mission Statement
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