Craigslist To Meet With Illinois Attorney General

Illegal activity the subject of discussion

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Craigslist is not on law enforcement’s good side at the moment; its erotic services section has come under fire from all sorts of people following the attacks in Boston.  But it looks like the lines of communication are still open, at least, as Craigslist representatives will soon meet with Illinois’s attorney general.

This won’t be the first time the two sides have gotten together.  In November, 43 attorneys general (including Illinois’s Lisa Madigan) released a joint statement with Craigslist about its new telephone and credit card verification systems.  They were pleased to announce that the phone feature alone had reduced the volume of erotic services ads by 80 percent.

  Lisa Madigan

Now, a post on the Craigslist Blog states, "We look forward to meeting with Attorney General Madigan to discuss progress made . . . and to hear any and all ideas she and others may have that could help reach our shared goal of eliminating illegal activity from craigslist, while preserving all of the functionality and positive attributes that are currently enjoyed by the overwhelmingly law-abiding craigslist community of users."

It may be that some significant changes will result.  Craigslist would rather look cooperative than have legislation drawn up against it, after all.  Or, since that possibility doesn’t appear to be an immediate threat, perhaps everyone will just argue about accountability a bit more.

Both sides are likely to feel less pressure to do something as the media turns its attention to swine flu, after all.

Craigslist To Meet With Illinois Attorney General
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  • http://www.google-conquest-reviews.com Google Conquest

    Very interested how this one is going to play out.
    Thanks for the update.

  • Bobo

    Let’s see…..Craigslist actually eliminated the “pets for sale” listings because of “pressure” from animal rights folks but still lets people advertise for blow jobs. Hmmmmmmmmmm…….isn’t Craig Neumar a homo? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Craigslist but it does seem the idea that they ELIMINATE “pets for sale” and leave “erotic services” which can only mean prostitution is just a bit wacky……..unless you are a San Francisco fag………which methinks old Craig happens to be……….

  • http://www.bellajewelz.com Bella

    Since the first time I saw the erotic services section on Craigslist I new it was just a sinkhole for trouble. I really can’t understand why they would ever put up a section like that. It just an invitation for illegal activity.

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