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Craigslist is getting into the SOPA Blackout Day fun, displaying this message when you visit the site:

STOP PIPA (Senate 968) & SOPA (HR 3261)

Imagine a world without craigslist, Wikipedia, Google, [your favorite sites here]...

News Corp, RIAA, MPAA, Nike, Sony, Comcast, VISA & others want to make that world your reality.

80 Members of Congress are in their sway, 30 against, the rest undecided or undeclared.

The landing page links to a SOPA resource page that includes educational links, lists of SOPA supporters and opponents, as well as links to petitions and "contact your congressperson" tools.

The SOPA landing page displays for a minimum of 10 seconds, after which you can continue on to the normal Craigslist site. You can then go about your normal buying and selling for the day, but with this little reminder:

At midnight, Wikipedia, Boing Boing, and WordPress all went dark as well. Google made a smaller effort to protest the legislation by blacking out their logo and linking to SOPA / PIPA resources.

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