Craigslist: Little Ads, $81 Million In Revenue

Company could easily top $100 million if desired

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The website devouring the classified industry could hit $100 million in revenue in 2009 with a couple of minor changes, with the old-line newspaper industry helplessly watching from the sidelines.

Though the powers that be at Craigslist, founder and customer service rep Craig Newmark and CEO Jim Buckmaster, aren’t commenting on the story from industry analysts Classified Intelligence (CI), they are pulling in an appreciable amount of money on the famously minimalist site. They could do even better.

CI said in its report on Craigslist that the implementation of its $25 job listing fee in three more locations could boost the company’s revenue into nine-digit territory. Through assessment of Craigslist postings in January and March, CI pegs 2008 revenue for Craigslist at $81 million.

Take the job recruiting fee of $25 Craigslist charges in a handful of major metropolitan areas. Kick it up to $75 across the board (that’s the price in San Francisco), and revenue for 2009 should climb to $150 million for a company based in a Victorian-style house that looks like it saw much better days a half-century ago.

The customer service credo of Craigslist, and its modest appointments both in headquarters and in site design, stand in stark contrast to the glassy offices of the newspapers that bore the brunt of the no frills, no fee approach to classifieds that are a hallmark of the site. Craigslist looks like what it is, a site launched years ago as a personal project that never forgot its users.

Some feel like Craigslist should do more, namely the bombastic VP and general manager of eBay’s classifieds competitor, Kijiji, Jacob Aqraou. He doesn’t care for the dated look of Craigslist, or the English-only listings that have only branched out into other languages in recent months.

As CI noted, the sniping comes across as odd, since eBay happens to own a 25 percent stake in Craigslist. The competition is real, however, with Kijiji, Freecycle, and the Village Voice’s Backpage all trying to present themselves as a better classifieds option.

Although some may dispute Craigslist’s real impact on newspaper classified revenue, one publishing professional cited by CI called Craigslist a catalyst that forced newspapers to reconsider their business models.

There isn’t one cause for newspaper fortunes to be in decline. Craigslist is a popular target, especially since CI said in 2004 that San Francisco newspapers lost as much as $65 million in recruitment ad revenue alone due to the site.

Craigslist simply found a niche where demand existed, and they make as much money as they care to earn. One can imagine how much they would make if they tossed an AdSense ad unit into their templates. But to Newmark and company, such a prospect looks unfathomable.

Craigslist: Little Ads, $81 Million In Revenue
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  • http://www.netndx.com sean

    they are going to have to come up with a some kind of deterrent for the criminal vulnerability in their process. When was the last time you heard of someone having their house burglarized, or attacked based on a classified ad in the local newspaper?

    Yea sure they can aggregate enough to make tons of money, but I thought CI was supposed to be about the community they serve. Seems to me their reputation for the unseemly anonymous activtivities is limiting at some point. Really unecessarily in my opinion. They could keep their utopian ideals and still make some adjustments in their process to deter the rep hitting activities while at the same time providing some basic environmental protections to their userbase.

    • Jess Wonderin

      Please, one pathetic scam and you cast the ENTIRE concept as flawed. Don’t you really think the folks that stripped that house KNEW it was too good to be true and had no desire to investigate – they were driven by the same beast that makes CL’s compettion pissed . . .  self centered greed.

      You sound dissapointed that they have made millions happy and millions of dollars delivering a service that depends on intellligent buyers and sellers working together . . . gee, responsiable comerace, what a CONCEPT!!!!

      • http://www.netndx.com Sean

        It is not one scam but a series in different areas of their site(a trend). I am sure those people knew it was too good to be true. They are criminals exploiting gaps in CL’s process – within CL’s virtual walls.

        My point is that they are risking a reputation problem if they don’t start addressing it aggresively. And the second point is that it seems that a few simple process changes could fix it and they are stupid if they don’t implement them. 

        They are finally clueing in on the problem as evidenced with the advent of their blog and the fact that the last several entries are talking about these gaps and what they are doing to close them. Whether it is too little too late remains to be seen

        • http://www.netndx.com sean

          from last year and year before where craigslist was subject. Criaglist brings so much positive to the places they are however headlines like these over time will negatively impact even the best intending.  

          Bad news for Craigslist: Woman answers ad, found dead (October 29, 2007) Craigslist posters robbed at gunpoint in Walnut Creek, CA (July 17, 2006); Sex on Craiglist.Org (October 5, 2007); Craigslist ad lures posse of unwitting vandals — House ransacked after bogus invitation to ‘help yourself to anything" — free (April 5, 2007); Social sites open door to phishers (October 02, 2007); Police Blotter: Craigslist toddler giveaway ad sparks suit (October 26, 2007); Caught on Craigslist, Getting robbed instead of sex, man tells Aurora police (October 26, 2007); Man won’t be charged in pimp’s death (October 18, 2007); Police: Woman on hooker scam called her victims ‘losers’ (October 10, 2007); USPS Starts Campaign Against Mail Scammers (October 3, 2007) Newspaper prostitution arrests (October 22, 2007); Women accused of pimping girls on Craigslist Police: Chicago residents offered sex with underage females for ‘donations’ (January 12, 2007); A politician finally notices craigslist, Mayor rips Craigslist over child prostitution (August 23rd, 2007); Craigslist car deal gone bad, Man shot after car deal sours (December 28th, 2006); NEW NIGERIAN ONLINE SCAM USING CRAIGSLIST (July 25, 2006); Craigslist becomes a place for pot peddlers (August 3, 2006); ‘Craigslist Robber’ Is Armed, Targeting San Jose, Suspect Robs Victims At Gunpoint, Police Say (June 30, 2006).

  • Guest

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!!!!!! And Craigslist AIN’T BROKE!!!!

    • Guest

      Craigslist is the fantastic and most needed alternative to the greedy money hogs at eBay, Amazon, etc. ads are placed free of charge and 100% of money made from purchases is given to the seller. In this day and age, Craigslist is a blessing.

      • Guest

        craigslist a blessing? tell that to all the people harmed by their lax policies.

        • Guest

          I have utilized Craigslist for both personal and professional purposes.  I have purchased and listed items.  I have searched for jobs and filled jobs for my office via Craigslist. 

          As a buyer, I have found great deals.  Sure, you have to be careful how much info you give out initially.  But, take basic precautions, like any other network site, and you’re fine.  I even found a great babysitter through Craigslist. 

          As a seller, I’ve found it more convenient and accomodating than any other site (esp Ebay).  And it’s easier than throwing a garage sale.  I don’t have to worry about paying for something when I may or may not make any money.  And I can pass on something great to a neighbor.

          As a job applicant looking for full-time work after college and part-time work when my husband was on disability due to cancer, I found a plethora of opportunity.  Of course, one must be discerning on who one contacts…  Don’t fall for the get rich quick crap that should be obvious as a scheme (c’mon ppl – if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is).  Though, I think Linked-In is better for networking for quality job opportunities.

          As someone in a hiring role, I have found excellent staff from using Craigslist.  I got more candidates and better quality candidates from using Craigslist than paid newspaper and other online advertising.  I wouldn’t mind paying a small fee for a candidate if I hired them (no idea how this would be tracked).  But, with the unknown of how many will see or be interested in my ad, I probably wouldn’t pay up front for an ad placement.

          All-in-all, Craigslist is an awesome resource for all kinds of people from all walks of life.  I agree with the above comments: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  If Craigslist starts charging for listings, or even just job listings, then it is going to have to start providing the statistics of viewership, etc., that are necessary for making purchasing decisions.  That means listing fees won’t be pure profit, it may demand increasing staff and/or sales people.

          – a dedicated Craigslister, mother, wife and educated professional

      • Guest

        I agree . . .  it’s something for the little guy . . . leave it alone!!

        Don’t your greedy guys have ENOUGH??


        Craig’s List Ain’t broken . . so don’t fix it!!!

    • Guest

      please. you must work for them. I like the thugslist comment!

  • Guest

    CI and the other cragslist critics seem to forget what Web 2.0 is all about — wrestling control from the big money and giving end users exactly (and only) what they want or need. If Newmark and craigslist are content with their revenues and status, nobody has the right to castigate them. If the critics can come up with a better model that’s as effective and makes more money, the free economy has a place for them, too.

    • Guest

      uhhuh blah blah blah web 2.0.

      how about stop bottom feeding(for millions $) by hiding behind your low rent software and "high horse" of anonymity.

  • Guest

    Sorry, but I have given up on "free" sites like Craigslist — the majority of ads I tried to respond to on that site resulted in a reply from some guy who was "out of the country", but would "send me the keys" if I wired the damage deposit and first months rent to them — I don’t think so…

    Besides the use of the term "free" is wrong, any site that is making millions of dollars a year cannot be "free" — somebody is paying.  The sites that charge a nominal fee for posting legitimate ads end up serving the visitor better.

    • Terry Harris

      I am a recently new subscriber to Craigslist and have what must be a typical story. I was planning a move from Rochester, NY to Phoenix, AZ which included selling most of what I owned and liquidating the equipment and tools from my woodworking business. Because I had a business to liquidate my local print media wanted to charge me business rates for every ad I wanted to place including my garage/moving sale ads. These rates were ridiculously high. Only one publisher (Penny Saver) treated me the same as any other customer so I placed only one print media ad.

      A friend suggested I use Craigslist, which I did and here is what happened. I created a listing for all of my large items and most of the smaller ones and included photos of each item and proper descriptions which included model number years of use, and the condition of the item (without any bull). I created around 50 or so listings and then linked them on a website I created for my sale. I answered around 300 emails from other Craigslist subscribers most within minutes of there arrival.

      I sold everything I listed except for a few items which were either trashed or given away. The day of my liquidation sale I sold 80% of my shop within 2 hours. The day of my three day weekend garage/moving sale we had a snow storm that threatened to ruin the sale but at 8:00AM I had five cars in my driveway, at 9:00AM I had 30 plus waiting to get in at 10:00AM, the start time of the sale, I had 50 people waiting. When I opened it was a feeding frenzy. Two hours later I had sold almost $900 of small junk but none of the good stuff. The next two days no one showed do to snow. I re-listed a new one day sale with reduced prices on Craigslist in the middle of the week and sold nearly everything that day. What was left was either tossed or given away.

      All told my garage sale alone made enough to buy a brand new 5×8 cargo trailer which I will list on Craigslist when I have settled here in Phoenix.

      What I have learned:

      List with photos and fair descriptions

      Respond immediately to every inquiry

      Delete listings when they have sold

      Everyone came to my sales because of Craigslist

      No one came because of signs or print media

      Craigslist is the most effective classified media ever

  • Julian

    Great article!  Craig’s List changed how creative people worked, especially in the freelance arena.  It has been impressive power especially in larger markets i.e. NYC.  From apartment hunting to finding assistants, it hands down really works and fast, some sifting required but where there is a will there is a way and what’s the viable alternative?  Also, its interesting to see how they have kept themselves modest while still having partial ownership from EBay. 

  • http://u76.org/po Yaah right…….

    I have used it so much……have not seen one bit of response from it. So does it actually work as good as people think it does?

    • Avid User

      Craigslist works great…at least in NYC where I’m from.  All of my major purchases have come from Craigslist…my apartment, my car, my computer…and I have sold many things on Craigslist and people usually respond the same day!  I think it is such a cool website and I hope they never change it unless it’s to make it better!

    • Terry Harris

      List with photos and fair descriptions

      Respond immediately to every inquiry

      Delete listings when they have sold

      Price matters

      Cash only


  • Hans

    By using Craigslist you agree to their terms and should exercise some common sense to avoid pitfalls… Craigslist is a simple but very effective tool for the small guy… I love it… more power to them…

  • http://www.costacasarural.com Costa Casa Rural

    I like Craigslist because it is simple and honest.  That´s what people are looking for.

  • CaptainClassifiedsCrunch

    Aye me maties!

    The old established system of 3 lines of blk ink on white paper for upwards of $25 or more is gone!  Thank goodness!  Do you know how many useless and ineffective ads I’ve run in news paper classifieds only to have them charge me hundreds of dollars for ads that seldom caught people’s attention or return the expected result? or revenue?

    With Craigslist, they filled a niche that had been bothering far too many people.  Once Craigslist gave people the opportunity to list their ads on the internet for FREE – really FREE!, the people came in droves!  Also, unlike the old classifieds, Craigslist allowed you to describe your ad and in addition, insert visual pictures of what you have to offer.  A hyper-leap in comparison to old publishing establishments!  Who in there right mind would want a local, state, or even regional news source with a limited number of viewers when the could get on Craigslist for FREE and reach potentially millions all over the world?!!!  It’s a no-BRAINER!

    The thing that I like the most about Craigslist is it’s simplicity and the current owners staying true to their customers.  The ad makers.  We are the unpaid laborers and editors of our own classified endeavors.  We are creating the medium without the physical overhead cost of building and equipment and utilities.  We are the employees that drive the company and still, some greedy corporate types makes others pay for similar such services!  Poppycock!  Craigslist is thriving because its integrity to the nature of its customers/emplyees is real.  In a way, it’s sorta a cyber-bartering system between the owner of Craigslist and the users.  He provides the medium and we provide the creative input, equipment usage, and manpower without any additional cost to Craigslist.  It’s a marriage made in cyberspace!  What could be better?

  • http://www.sundaybestkids.com Jackie

    All I can say is, good for them!

  • Guest

    I dont understand how you can not like craigslist, really you have to be somebody who needs to complain about everything, I won the lotto oh crap I gotta pay all those damn taxes on the money I won,  grumble grumble.  There are few things in life that are truly free and Craigslist is one of them.  Unless you are placing a job posting in a few cities that is the only way they make money and that is even cheap.  This guy Craig Newmark is the nice. 

    By the way I have sold a car in two days, found someone to take over my apartment lease, found roomates, sold off stuff I didnt want, bought new stuff for my apartment and all done without a hitch.  Yeah there are probably some people trying to take advantage of some people but it is a very low percentage,  everyone I know has used it and nobody has ever gotten screwed, just like everything else, you need to have some common sense. 


    • Guest


      I found your article very enlightening! I was just browsing on the web when I found it and just started reading.  This is not like me, but I was wondering if you would be able to offer me some assistance. I have posted an ad on a site called Cyberbeg, where people in need request a donation because they are experiencing some kind of financial hardship. I’m not a quack or someone trying to scam people, I happen to be very sincere.

      If you are able to, please take a moment to read my ad on Cyberbeg. It is catergorized under Family Crisis and entitled "LETS COMMIT TO HELPING EACH OTHER OUT" (you may have to search past page 2). If you are able to provide any donation to my PayPal account I would greatly appreciate it. I can provide whatever information you request if I need to. If you know of any others that may be able to help, then God bless you all!


  • Guest

    The net in general has been disruptive to many industries. Real Estate to some degree, travel and stocks have had their brokerage business models severely disrupted. Travel and Stocks have adapted newspaper classifieds are being dragged kicking and screaming into the model. These guys just don’t get it. Look at how long it took the Times to allow engines. IMO, the old media guys are always a day late and a dollar short and will likely be joined by TV a few years out. The old media guys for whatever reason believe they are too big with too much pull in Washington to be victims for the net disruptive business model to oust them. That will be their ultimate downfall they will wait until it’s too late

    • Eric Colona

      The net disrupted the real estate business? I am an agent with RE/MAX and 95% of my business comes from the internet. I love the internet and most of my internet business comes from Craigslist. I love Craigslist.

      • Eric Colona

        The average person thinks they know about how the real estate business works, but if you do not know how people work, you do not know how the real estate business works. People never buy the home they inquire about, print ads with no photos or online with virtual tours, they never buy the home they inquire about. The home they inquire about never meets their needs because the average homebuyer operates under the mindset that there are 3 different types of homes:

        1. exactly what they are looking for but overpriced, 
        2. a house that the owner or agent is trying to disguise as exactly what they are looking for.
        3. exactly what they are looking for

        The truth of the matter is that there are hundreds of types of homes for sale and it takes a proffessional to help a buyer find it. A Buyers see an ad, calls the agent that listed the ad, and if the agent has the time, and does not think the Buyer is difficult to get along with, will ask the question "what exactly are you looking for" then the agent will take the buyer by the hand and help them find it, at no charge to the buyer, and make them a happy repeat customer for life that recomends them to family and friends. Thats why the home sellers gladly give half the commission to the Buyers agent.

        • http://www.CarmelValleyEstates.com Eric Colona

          Damn Eric, You Are a Genius!

  • Guest

    I’m not sure why, but it bugs the hell out of me that Craig & Co. won’t just sell the hell out already – I’d have done it years ago.

    • http://www.craygo.com craigslist

      I’m sure they would love to at this point but they wouldn’t dare to since they already said they wouldn’t. That would be a huge loss of integrity. Plus the site would be overloaded with ads if that happened.

  • Old Media

    I think Craig is a communist, a sissy and I’ll be damned if he ain’t a SeahHawcks fan as well.  Damn it Craig!  Charge something!

    To WPN, could you please make easier math problems for the CAPTCHA? Been trying to post for a while.

  • Guest

    Petty gripes about a fantastic concept that WORKS – sure there are chances for abuse – it happens in EVERY business/site in the world.

    If you are stupid enough to believe "everything in the house is free, you only need to pay the FedEx fees for that box of Nigerian cash, i’m selling my ex-husbands Porsche for $2,000 ’cause he’s in Mexico with his girlfriend ". . . then by all means STAY away from Craigs List, and do not go near machinery, run with paste or use escalators . . .

    Leave it be, RepubliCON greed should not be the driving force in America.

  • http://beachpearls.blogspot.com/ PearlGirlWorld

    Craigslist helped me find renters for my house several times a year ago.  It’s such a great way to connect and reach out. 

    But I notice lately, the ads I’ve posted even for stuff that should get a great reply isn’t really getting a response.  I was looking for a rental property in CO with specific parameters and not one reply???  Does anyone have insights on what may have changed?  So many people posting decreases individual results? 

    Are there any tricks to using Craigslist more effectively?

  • http://www.PianoWorld.com Frank

    First, I’ve used Craig’s List successfully.

    My daughter has her own dog walking, pet sitting service and has gotten her best response from her free ads on Craig’s List.

    I run my own site, arguably the most popular piano web site on the Internet. I’ve been approached by a number of big companies wanting to buy my site (and "keep me on to manage it").

    I don’t want to sell out to them. One of the things our guests like the most is that we are neutral, and not beholding to anyone. Of course I’m not making anywhere near the money Craig is:-)

    I have a feeling that’s the theory behind Craig’s thinking. He’s making money, and doing it his way.  Why sell out?

  • http://www.smallclassifiedads.com Robert James

    Classified ads are great. For my other businesses I can post a job offer and people call up with a better response than the news paper.

    One time my father in law wanted to sell his business equipment. One simple add got calls within the hour. He sold his entire stock.

    After I sold my SEO company Websiteresults to 24/7 with my business partners I put many commerce sites online under the RobJames dot com umbrella.

    Then in 2005 I built:

    SmallClassifiedAds dot com

    Though I have used this website for mainly letting my mother promote her nicebunnies4u dot com site. Plus, her friends in TN to promote what ever they want. It is a piece of real estate on the Internet that I hope to promote later when I get time.

    More things should be free. Money is easy to make online.


    • http://www.idate.co.uk idate

      Use your old SEO company to promote your company as your smallads site looks dead!

  • Guest

    Craigslist makes the other foroms that are setup to sell trade swap or mingle look like small time or should i say big time losers as in EBAY . If you ever delt with the IT then you know between them and paypuck that you get ripped all the time and you have no say. i listed things on their system and 3 months down the road the customer which after recieving item stated they never recieved it after asking questions on how to mount the parts to their motorcycle stated they never recieved them then paypuck refunded their money without any asking me what was up.and i lost $185.at least with craigslist they tell you over and over to know whom you are dealing with and not to trust in certian money transactions. over the years with IT and other sites that sell your products buy auction or for set fee 


  • http://www.damnsmiley.wordpress.com DamnSmiley

    Yea sure i agree with Jess 100% when you see so many too good to be true listings on craigslist you dont go and play by the craislist rules! So if you are greedy, you get scammed easily thats the thing!

  • Jay


    • Guest

      Reminds me reflect the old addage…"Guns don’t kill people…people kill people"…Think people!  The newspaper, Craigslist..it’s all the same…it’s not the device…it’s the PERSON using the device …DUH!

    • Eric Colona

      they should? no you should.

  • Micelf

    Hey…hate to be the one to play devils advocate here…but Craigslist is serves the same purpose as the classifieds in the newspaper except that IT"S FREE!!!   Guess what…the same crap is happening all over the world about sicko’s robbing, raping, murdering etc from the newspaper’s personal ads but you won’t catch them admitting that because it’s bad for business and slamming craigslist is good for business….

  • http://www.theartworkshopinc.com Christine

    I have not had any luck with the job listing service on Craig’s list for the $25.00 fee. I  had more sucess getting people hired before the fee was added.

    What gives?

  • http://www.hyenaonline.com Hyena Cialis

    Craig Newmark you are the man…

    Craiglist rocks!

  • http://www.grandperfumes.com Sonny

    It is a wonderful place to find employes without putting an ad in the paper. I just found the kind of employes I was lloking for in 2 days. You dont have to wait for the weekend for the job section to publish like with a news paper plus I have sold a few old things in matter of days from it which I would have just trashed otherwise!

  • http://www.shamskm.com Shams

    Thing what I like from craiglist is that it’s very simple and easy to navigate. There are no disturbing ads.

  • http://www.ayurvedicbodymassage.com dev

    My repeated ads for professional massage in Craigslist.org for MD/DC/VA area brought excellent reviews and clients who are very sophisticate,rich and educated.  The response was better than paid advt. in highly sophisticate magazine like "Washingtonian" .  I will really like to pay reasonable money for my advt in craigslist.org if they start charging.  It is very wide and broad in its clientale and surprise you with FAKE advt and really GENUINE ADVT.


    Excellent for those who cannot afford expensive advt to advertise their services and products.

  • D. Macdonald

    What ever happens with the Craigs List format stay away from ebay influence. It seems they could care less about the people who support them and only the bottom line.

  • WillieMae Beall

    I think Craigslist is the next best thing to the invention of the internet.

    I put an ad in there and the item was sold before noon the next day and the ad was free to me, now how cool is that?

    My only regret for craigslist is how long will it be available to us,since he has allowed Ebay to be a 25% owner.

    I have a multi-million dollar business idea that I would like to build a website for, but I am disabled and on a very low income and have no knowledge of how to build a website. I would like to allow individuals to invest in my idea and they would own a piece of the company. The only problem is because of the simplicity of the business I would not be able to announce what it is until it launches.

    I craigslist is around for a long time, because it is like a shot in the arm for the world.

  • Guest

    I love craigslist.org.  Thank you for understanding that people need a place to post many different types of ads for free.  I never get any responses from newspaper ads that cost money and are extremely limited (no photos, # of words, etc.)  But often people find my ads on craigslist.  Thanks!  Don’t change a thing!

  • http://www.ellwoodcity.biz David Mitchell

    I have listed items not sold on eBay and put them on craigslist and sold the item in a few days.

  • Miguel Manual

    I am an avid online classifieds user. There are three sites I use regularly: Craigslist, Kijji and UsedEverywhere.com. In my humble opinion, I find UsedEverywhere.com to be the most useful and easy to use. It’s faster to post ads and it has virtually no spam compared to Craigslist and Kijiji…especially Kijiji. It’s much more local as well. I’ve been told they have representatives in each city that they’re in. What does everyone else think? I’m interested in hearing.

  • riker1981

    Craigslist is good. Good for harvesting people’s personal information. Since Craigslist started, I stopped rummaging through people’s Mail boxes for their personal information. Now, I just pay $25 to post a job on craigslist and have thousands of people send me their personal information…muhahahahaha.Every month, I go down the list of states posting jobs and "mining" a wealth of information which I then sell to the Nigerian scammers. I am so rich. Yeah Craig is great!!

    This is just a fiction guys but be careful when you send out your resume on craigslist.


    • Guest

      Could you Please email me privately because I would love to discuss this ‘post’ you called ‘fiction’ in more detail.

      Thanks, Lisa from Tucson, AZ

  • http://www.thedatelist.com Mark

     They could make so much more money it isn’t even funny but I do not believe they are altruistic as they appear to be. They sure do have their hands full though and for working so hard and being the owner of the site they can do what they want with it. I wonder if eBay has any say in the goings on since they own part of CL?



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  • http://www.Carly-katesplace.com Catherine

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  • http://www.forumdeals.com David

    I live in San Francisco, basically where CL took off.  I have friends here whose entire lives are tied to CL: roommate, job, boyfriend or girlfriend, car, social clubs, furniture, etc.  You would be amazed!  I use CL in other cities, but not with a whole lot of success, EXCEPT for one thing: real estate listings.  These seem to be pretty good from city to city.  My new site:


    is going to attempt to find the best deals on CL and other forums for people to see, or submit.  Sometimes I see CL I don’t really need, but someone ought to know!  Also, for tracking CL listings, there is this site:


    which will send users emails or TMs any time new ads are listed matching their keywords.

  • http://www.guruetteonthenet.com Marianne McEachern

    What I find is so amazing is the search engine involvement. Listing from Craig’s List hit the organic listing pretty regularly. For an online marketer that’s quite a boost.

  • http://www.ThingsWeLearned.com John Rogers

    I hope they don’t keep adding fees little by little so that in a couple years it’s $1 for all ads, all the way up to $100 each for big cities.  It’s bound to happen….

  • Dan Delain

    I have used craigslists jobs posts in both paid and unpaid cities. I must admit the most annoying thing is when you ask for certain skills, you get replies from so many unqualified people that it becomes an issue. Thankfully the free entry brings in the volume and with companies like supercandidate.com you can test the people to see if they can do the work before it costs me my commission.

    So in a nutshell, much better then monster.com etc because it is free to list but you have to team up with a great filtering online tool otherwise you may as well keep counting your lost chickens..


    • Guest

      Thanks for the update on this.

      I went to the filter software supercandidate.com and I realise the quality of candidate you get when you can put your own video questions in. Not to mention that I can go off for a coffee and this product rings me to let me know when I have what I want – JEEE…

      Why it took so long for something like this is a mystery..

      Go you geeks at supercandidate – you just made my life a whole lot easier

  • http://www.swankigifts.com/ Produc Articles

    where do they get their revenue?

  • http://www.tmdesigner.it sitiwebgaeta

    Grazie mille per le informazioni raccolte in questo post.. La storia si ripete!

  • http://www.m4s73r.com/ Internet Marketing Indonesia

    thanks for your article. Very help me. I will more like visit to webpronews site. :) Fantastic

  • http://mia-ny.com Marek Nowy Jork

    I think that that really popular/sucessful site does not have to be full of options/features and fireworks.
    Maybe that’s why craigslist is so successful: they concentrate on the content

  • The Snowhawk in Lake Geneva Wisconsin

    It’s greed that ruined Feebay and now people are going to tell Craig’s List to raise their rates? I think that a bunch of BULL.
    CL is doing just fine let them run their business their way and Feebay screw up what they are loosing already.
    Funny this is that if Feebay would have kept thing going the way it was originally designed they would be the rulers of the market without much for competition but Nooooo they can’t make enough money quick enough so they got greed to rule the company and screw up everything for everyone.
    Here is one more this… How many of you PAY to put money in your bank account and PAY to take money out of your account? PayPal is using your money just like any other bank in the banking industry but they too have to screw-blue- & tattoo everyone that they come in contact with.

    • http://www.qualityclotheslines.net/perthmet.html Perth clotheslines

      Haha yep. U and me are like minded. Feebay sux. They wouldve made more money doing things cheaper.

  • mike

    I used to use craigslist until someone I know got scammed.

    I use other sites like zimspost.com to buy and sell. It is still relatively new, but has come along way in the past few months. Whatever you choose, be careful and use your best judgment.

    • tommy

      I checked out http://zimspost.com and found it to be a great site. Thanks for the referal. i will use zimspost as my site to buy and sell.

  • Guest

    I was just asking for help on craigslist…and I got flagged numerous times. They don’t flag the scammers, or people posting porn; just check the male personals . But someone in need, or asking for help your flagged quickly. But finally I found a website that truly helped me http://www.bailafamilyout.com its not a classified ad but I did find it on craigslist. Its a panhandle online site with real human interaction. They have chat rooms where you meet an greet and is really a nice site to go post your story of need. And yes the “flag police” flagged the website ad as well.

  • http://www.qualityclotheslines.net/perthmet.html Perth clotheslines

    Who cares about craigs list. As an Australian we’ve never heard of it. We have our own traging post.

  • http://www.beatyourprice.com tony

    The problem with craigslist is that flagging. If people dont like your ad for reason ,because you selling cheaper item then what they have, they flag you. And its not fair and i know 85% wished they would come up with better flagging system

    • http://www.cornerbrookclassifieds.ca Corner Brook Classifieds

      Many legit ads get deleted / flagged. It’s frustrating that this continues on CL.

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  • Casey

    I don’t see how CL has not violated antitrust laws. As a for profit organization, there are laws about undercutting competition.

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