Craigslist CEO Says U.S. Newspapers Are Biased

Viewed as a competitor

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Craigslist chief executive Jim Buckmaster says that U.S. newspapers are purposely writing negative stores about the online classified site.

Jim Buckmaster Criticizes US Newspapers
 Buckmaster Speaks Negative Publicity

At the MediaGuardian.co.uk Changing Media Summit in London Buckmaster said," In the US the attitude of newspapers toward us has evolved. There were positive stories in the early days that has now reversed. Journalist friends of ours say that they have been told not to write positive stories about us."

Buckmaster said there was "enthusiasm" shown for writing negative stories about Craigslist. "I don’t mean it [the accusation] as a complaint, it is a factual answer we are seen as a primary competitor by newspapers," he added.

Buckmaster said in the future people will view Craigslist as "laughably crude." "It is still the early stages," he said, referring to the development of Craigslist. "If you look back 10 years from now the technology will look laughably crude."

Craigslist originally launched in 1995 and Buckmaster said there are significant differences between the strategy start-ups use now and how it was when the site first launched. "This time around you don’t see companies so eager to take on VC [venture capital] money, it narrows their options, and if they do take it they are taking it a lot later [in their growth cycle]," he said. "Companies are taking more diverse strategies this time around."

eBay owns around 25 percent of Craigslist and Buckmaster says they have been a fairly hands off backer. " A lot of dire predictions were made when it was made public that eBay had a stake," he added, saying that "three to four years later" the relationship had not negatively impacted the Craigslist operation.

Craigslist CEO Says U.S. Newspapers Are Biased
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  • Guest

    I love Craigslist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They’re HUGE, growing rapily by leaps and bounds!

    ebay is jealous and pissed off because their kijijijoke is a total and complete failure, just as everything else they do these days is. Thank God they only have 25% of Craigslist!

    • http://www.linkedin.com/in/faithsloan Faith


      eBay isn’t trashing Craigslist. Go back and re-read what was written and make sure you comprehend what was written and may be try re-posting. I believe it was written that the ‘media’ is trashing Craigslist.

      eBay sees the value of Craigslist or else they would not have taken a 25% interest in the product/company.

      eBay is an extremely successful corporation who also owns Paypal and a few other companies. I am not particular about PayPal but they are successful nonetheless.

      Come on, my friend. Stick to the facts and respond accordingly.

  • Joe B.

    Sorry – I tried craigslist a couple of times and two out of three times the ad I inquired about turned out to be a scam — that is what happens with "free" sites — the scam artists flock to them.

    • Guest

      and so do a lot of good honest business people and customers

    • http://www.linkedin.com/in/faithsloan Faith

      What are you doing on Craigslist? I have been scammed a few times on the ‘net since 1995 but I have never been scammed on Craigslist. The moral of the story is if you frequent a site on 3 occasions and get scammed, that doesn’t warrant a hasty negative generalization about the site.

  • Guest

    Craigslist is riddled with garbage and sum. The majority of it’s users are either sell prostitution related services or consuming them. It’s filth and trash.

    • Guest

      You must work for the major media


      Craigslist fills a need and is useful to far more people that most major media.

    • http://donscycleware.com DONSCYCLEWARE

      "Craigslist is riddled with garbage and sum. The majority of it’s users are either sell prostitution related services or consuming them. It’s filth and trash."

      For those who bitch about prostitution etc. You only find those posts if you look for them! If you didn’t have a dirty mind you wouldn’t search for the naughty posts!

    • http://www.linkedin.com/in/faithsloan Faith

      Craigslist has been around for quite some time. I have used it for selling furniture since I relocate quite a bit; for finding technology-based consulting work since I am a web technologist; for buying a washer, dryer, etc; and other ‘legitimate’ purposes.

      Guess what? I did not even know that they had anything resembling prostitution on Craigslist! Maybe you hang out in the personals section looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend but have been rather unfortunate in your search. Looks like the scammers picked your pocket, eh?

      Welcome to the internet, my friend!

  • http://www.pyrmontvillage.com.au/home.php Don

    Ah…old media, playing catch up…

  • http://sunnyfun.com Tom Mulhall

    I own a boutique resort in Palm Springs, CA called The Terra Cotta Inn and have advertised vacations on Craigslist. We have received real customers and spammers from those ads. However, the price is right and you just screen out the phonies.

    I have also hired employees via Craigslist. I highly recommend it for small businesses.

  • http://donscycleware.com DONSCYCLEWARE

    I have recently been using Craigslist to buy motorcycles in the St Louis area. I am very pleased with the site.  Call it crude if you like. I don’t want or need a lot of distracting flash advertisements and pop -ups. It fits my needs and I think Craig deserves a huge thank you for keeping it the way it is.

    For those who bitch about prostitution etc. You only find those posts if you look for them!

    I am not surprised that Newspapers are back stabbing Craigslist. It offers a better service for free. That has got to be scary for the big guys.




  • http://www.petfoodstory.com/cats.htm David

    It’s only natural for U.S. newspapers to criticize when something invades their turf. Think of all the ad dollars they’re not collecting.

    The Internet is truly becoming the internal infrastructure of global sharing. The gatekeepers of information and communication are horrified of this global community they can’t control.

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