Cox To Rollout Wireless Service

    October 27, 2008

Cox Communications has announced it will offer its customers wireless service in 2009, including, digital cable, high-speed Internet and telephone.

The company says the move is a milestone as it was the first to introduce a voice, video and data bundle to the marketplace in 1997. Today, 64 percent of Cox customers by multiple services from the company and one-third subscribe to all three offerings.

Cox To Rollout Wireless Service

"Wireless service will be a key driver to Cox’s future growth," said Pat Esser, president of Cox Communications.

"As wireless communications enters the new generation, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the entertainment and communications services our customers want, whenever, however and wherever they want them."

Cox said it will utilize the Nationwide Sprint Network to quickly enter the market in 2009. The company is also building its own 3G wireless network for additional market launches in 2009. It is also testing 4G technology using long term evolution.

The move comes after Cox purchased $500 million worth of wireless spectrum in the FCC auction and outlined plans to develop an infrastructure to support it s own wireless service.

"Our bundled customers will become even ‘stickier’ as we offer them the best customer experience," said Esser.

"To deliver the best customer experience, we will manage every aspect of the service, from product development to marketing and sales to back-office operations and
customer support and billing."