Courtney Stodden Moves Out, Is Dating Again

    January 31, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Courtney Stodden has reportedly moved out of the home she shares with actor Doug Hutchison and has been spotted on at least a couple of dates, one of which was on the beach in a teeny bikini.

The 19-year old made headlines three years ago when she married Hutchison, who was 51 at the time, and the couple have subsequently been splashed all over the gossip columns for their extreme PDA and for the not-so-surprising marriage troubles that were showcased on VH1’s “Couples Therapy”.

“We’re interested in keeping our marriage and sex life stimulated and starting now instead of waiting until it plays out,” Hutchison said of seeking counseling. “We communicate to each other. We want to please each other ultimately.”

Eventually, they decided to split anyway, and according to a “source” at RadarOnline, Courtney has moved out of the house…and right next door.

“She moved into the studio apartment next door to the house she and Doug rented together,” the source said. “But Doug still lives in the main house. They’re not divorced yet, so she’ll stay there until they figure out how they want to proceed with things.”

Not one to waste any time, Stodden has been seen on a couple of dates since then; one, a blind date, was with agent David Weintraub. The other was a beach date with actor/model Ray Richard, where a tiny black bikini and enormous cork sandals were the chosen ensemble.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • At Least

    You know this really is what America is. I can go out to the net and literally pull up millions of pictures of girls just like Courtney. Millions upon millions. Girls don't want to be engineers, builders, architects, scientists or any of that. They want to be celebrities. I don't want to hear that there aren't programs for girls either. EVERYTHING out there is FOR GIRLS. Everything. Colleges line up to give girls scholarships. But no, there are millions taking off their clothes and trying to get rich and famous. Just google programs for girls and compare them to programs for boys. There are literally over 150 million more entries for girls than boys. Literally.

    I have given up feeling sorry for women. I don't care about women's issues. I don't care about pay issues because the reality is that when you compare women in equal jobs with equal experience — women actually get paid more than men. No one tells you that. What they will do is compare a woman who is in acting to a man who is a computer programmer. Of course the programmer will make more because very very very few actresses really make money. Twerking is not really an occupation.

    The problem in America is women. Male suicides are 4 times higher than women, men are dropping out of society, and frankly, men are just tired. Look at this woman. Look at what she does. Every woman does this on some level. Every single one of them. This is what feminism has brought to America. The right to be a bimbo, not do anything, and then claim you are a victim of life.

    For the girls out there that actually want to work hard or be mothers or build something with their husbands and create real families. The ones that don't complain and aren't always saying they are victims. I applaud you. I really do. You are the only hope for America as far as women go. The rest of you can screw yourselves. You aren't worth it.

    • nunya

      at least, so are you telling us you're going to be gay now? Lmao
      You sound like a pathetic pansy, a real man knows how to handle women but unfortunately you're still a little boy deep down inside.
      Trust and believe there's women out there busting their asses off working and going to school getting degrees. I know a few of them myself. they make their own way, not sure what girls you've met then again if you're not much yourself I can see why the women you've met aint about sh8t as well.

    • Ellen Collier

      I completely agree with you, and I'm a 23 year old woman. Society has become obsessed with the media, and these days the media is all about spoiled, self absorbed, superficial bitches who are nothing but a waste of space to society. Women blame society and the media for all their problems. Grow up, take a good long look in the mirror. Then tell me who the real problem is. We are all our own worst enemy. This is a proven fact. If you find an enemy within yourself, work to change it. Women need to stop blaming everything on the media, blaming everything on their parents, on their past, on their ex's who didn't love them back, or the asshole who raped them. They need to leave all that shit in the past and let it rot there. Don't forget what happened, but either make peace with it, or make sense of it so you can heal and move on with your life, otherwise you're only holding yourself back. Trust me, I know what it feels like to not trust people, walking around with a chip on my shoulder for the past 4 years. But I've also met some people who re-instilled my faith in the decency and kindness of human beings again. I have to roll with it. I refuse to stay hurt and angry forever. That hasn't gotten me anywhere except more angry. I will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix, and come forth a proud new bird. Who's with me? :)

  • juli

    Who cares?!?!

  • http://yahoo jerry

    She is a seemingly well paid R-E-C-E-P-T-I-C-A-L.

  • john boczanowski

    Amazing what some big chunks of silicone an do for an old hag

  • TryThinking!

    Press-on nails and a badly repaired cleft palate…is this what makes a "sex symbol" these days? Wow.