Courtney Stodden Has Found A New Man

    December 26, 2013
    Emily Greene
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Santa may have brought one reality star her gift early this year.

Courtney Stodden, who famously married actor Doug Hutchison when she was 16 and he was 51, was seen Christmas tree shopping this weekend with a mystery man.

Stodden and Hutchinson confirmed they were splitting up in early November. They signed official separation papers on November 9.

The mystery man isn’t a complete mystery. E! Online revealed that his name is Ray and he is a model/actor and according to one source he is “one of many suitors that have approached Courtney” since her split from Hutchison. Mystery man Ray’s age is still unknown.

It seems that their trip to finding the perfect Christmas tree was also the couple’s first date. “They had a nice time. He’s a really nice guy and he’s already planning their second date,” added the source.

The now 19-year-old Stodden tweeted about her venture to shop for a Christmas tree, but made no mention of Ray.

One person tweeted out a photo of the couple while they were shopping for a Christmas tree.

The Celebrity Big Brother UK star and Hutchison tried to work out their problems this past summer. At the time the two were featured on Couples Therapy, but it seems their biggest problem was the 35-year age difference between the two.

At the time of their separation, the couple continued to live together and agreed that Hutchison would still be involved in Stodden’s career. This may all change now that Ray is in Stodden’s life.

I guess the newly brunette Stodden prefers her men closer to her age than blonde Stodden.

And it looks like Stodden’s new brown locks are approved by one very happy fan.

Image via Twitter.

  • I. Tow

    Who are we kidding. Young women go after older men all the time. The clubs are full of young women doing this. Just go there and see. I swear people in this country never deal with reality. They see their teenage daughters in g-strings, stilletos and body tight outfits and they see they look 10 years older than they are — but they still think they are going after guys their own age. Please. No one deals with reality anymore.

    The funny thing is if a younger girl willingly sleeps with an older guy the guy will go to prison and the girl is a victim. If it is reversed the younger guy is considered lucky and the woman won’t be prosecuted or she will receive a misdemeanor. Rarely do women ever go to prison for sleeping with underage men. Heck, those cases never even get acknowledged.

    It is like Stodden. If she would have done what she did in my state, Doug would have been in prison for 30 years. But look at her — she knew exactly what she was doing and she made over a million dollars doing it. She wasn’t a victim.

    • Denise

      It takes a lot of money to look that CHEAP–And very cheap she looks– Only 19?? WOW – She looks like she’s had too many laps around the block– She looks at least 37…

      • KeiraKnows

        She looks nice as a brunette, but those brows remind me of a cross between Norma Desmond and Joan Crawford. She’s ready for her close-up, Mr. DeMille…

      • Bob

        I’m with you Denise, 37-42 looks about right…..she is no teenager.

  • KeiraKnows

    His name is Ray Richard. He’s a model based in Los Angeles, and he was hired to participate in this arranged photo shoot with Ms. Stodden.

  • Trina

    Don’t put all the blame on the Girl as it was HER PARENTS who pimped her out at 16 to Hutchison. They wanted a connection to Hollywood and they used their child to get it.

    • @Trina

      Yeah a little blame might go to the parents but really girls know what they are doing. They always have. At least any girl who is high school age and above. I mean sex is really not that complicated. You have girls that will sleep with people to get clothes, grades, and cars. It is not a stretch to think they would sleep with a guy to get fame and millions. I mean we see it all the time.

      Plus, in today’s world, sex means nothing. It is like what kissing used to be in the 80s. Times have change a lot. The only people who don’t realize that are parents. They still think it is the 50s and are naive.

    • Harmless

      Yep, we can never blame the girls…. it is always someone else’s fault. Parents, boys, men …. but nope … girls are innocent and pure and can do no wrong.


      Just look at the website alone. Article after article of women using sex to make money and get ahead. This is why things never get any better … girls are never held accountable for their own choices and actions.

    • Kel

      I remember when I was in high school. I went after older guys because I wanted to. I made the choice. It is funny how everyone wanted to blame everything else but my own decision making. Girls get away with everything. Think about it. From the time we are little girls — nothing is our fault. You are always daddy’s little angel and we use that to our advantage. I personally know girls that get drunk on purpose, screw on purpose, and then have cried rape when a rape didn’t occur. They were just cheating on their boyfriends and got caught. I mean really — a girl goes through the trouble of getting alcohol, sneaking out of her house, dressing sexy, hooking up, getting drunk, sleeping with a guy —– but she doesn’t know what she is doing? Look at all the decisions she made. I am sorry but I have to hold my fellow sisters accountable for their actions. Courtney knows exactly what she is doing.

      • barb

        To say that “girls get away with everything” nothing is their fault and we were daddy’s little angel is simply not true. It wasn’t for me, though it sounds like it was for you. Quit generalizing and projecting.

        • @barb

          No one is projecting anything. That person just told a story. A rather common story I might add. We see this all the time in society but we act as if it doesn’t exist or happen. Girls get away with just about everything.

          • barb

            And I commented that it was a generalization, as it was not true for me and some others I know, that girls get away with everything. Fact. If they did, then we wouldn’t have young women suspended from school, or in jail now would we?

  • Phil L.

    Here is what I don’t understand. I can go out to Google and there are literally hundreds of million of nude pictures and videos. Yet, we still cling to this illusion that young girls a) don’t know what they are doing and b) are victims. Half of the porn is homemade and self made. I get tired of women getting a free pass when the evidence is all around us that women just like having lots of sex and they do it at all ages. I mean — have you been to high schools lately? Those girls look nothing like the girls I went to school with and I went in the early 90s. This isn’t the 50s anymore. Victims my ass. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize you can screw you way into most anything you want.

  • jdj624

    everyone has been calling Doug Hutchison a pedophilia, yet no one has been calling this so called “sweet & innocent teenager” what she really is,, a SLUT! she is the predator! she used her trashy looks to get what she wanted. and thats fame and notoriety. more then likely she has been screwing older men since she hit puberty. the only thing Doug Hutchison can be accused of is being a idiot for falling into her trap. back in the 30’s & 40’s it was normal for 15-16 yr old girls to marry, back in the 1800’s it was even younger then that. it’s only been with the past 40 yrs that society “became moral” and thought it was wrong for teenagers to marry. don’t fool yourself thinking Courtney Stodden is a victim she knew EXACTLY what she was doing.

    • Yep

      Yep, you are right and there are many men in prison for decades because they had consensual sex with an underage girl that pursued them.

      In fact, I know a guy who got a ten year sentence, he was raped in prison but the underage girl he slept with still writes him. She is devastated and he is in hell. For what? A situation that did not cause anyone harm. It is stupid.

  • barb

    My back hurts just looking at that second pic of her.

  • Robert

    Delicious milk farmer.