Court To Anti-Google Aussies: Yawn

    September 11, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission received a setback when a judge told their lawyers to go back to the drawing board.

Court To Anti-Google Aussies: Yawn
Court To Anti-Google Aussies: Yawn

Proving Google doesn’t separate its organic and paid search well enough for consumers to tell the difference will require more than just a stack of papers dropped off at the courthouse.

A report in Australian IT described how the judge derided Google’s attackers over the case they’ve tried to make since its beginnings in July:

…a judge said yesterday its court documents were almost "incomprehensible", "opaque" and "somewhat repetitious".

In a further blow yesterday, the judge hearing the case, James Allsop, said correspondence between the parties made it "tolerably clear" the ACCC did not have a misleading and deceptive case against subsidiaries Google Ireland and Google Australia as their pleadings currently stood.

Google contends its "One Box" shading, and text identifying sponsored links, helps people tell the difference between a paid and organic result listing. The two sides will go at it again in October.