Coupons and Customers: Blog Jam 2006

    August 16, 2006

Eked out two more posts for Fast Company’s Blog Jam 2006 before it came to a close.

“Do You Have Any Coupons?” News from Google and Bath & Body allow me to lapse back into my third screen dreams where marketers do not simply apply conventional push tactics to this new, wireless, on-demand frontier.

We need more than “same stuff, different device.”

Passionate Customers Find Their Voice Online

A new spin on a familiar theme pointing out examples of how Target and IKEA customers are talking about brands via social media.

The piece also notes that companies need to look for their customers online, listen to them and in some cases engage them in dialogue.

Blog Jam went by in a blink. You should stop by FC Now and check out some of the conversations created by the more than 40 people posting.

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