Couples Join in Holy Matrimony on an Iconic Day, 11/12/13


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Today has been a very special day for countless couples around the country.

To many, 11/12/13 holds an exceptional significance to nearly 3,326 lovebirds that believe in the power of numerology. Since it is the second-to-last sequential number of the century, today was an ideal day to tie the knot.

New York couple, Elliot Bryant And Shanel Manzano, decided to present their day of holy matrimony to the entire world. On the Today show, the couple exchanged vows at exactly 9:10 a.m., keeping the number pattern consistent as possible.

The bride explained how nine means long life and 11, 12, 13 adds up to this perfect number.

"We both like incremental numbers and fluidity," she said.

Wedding experts have concluded that because weddings are very special moments for people, anything that would make it even more monumental are usually of importance.

David’s Bridal chief marketing officer, Brian Beitler, reported to the Huffington Post, “Anything that helps to make that more significant is important to them. Whether it’s wearing a mother’s wedding dress or jewelry, brides always look for something to help mark this momentous occasion, and sequential numbers can be a very important reason to do that.”

For other couples, 11/12/13 was by chance and not so much because of its numerical uniqueness.

Charlie Dissell and Brandi Smith of Ankeny, Iowa were planning their wedding day in Jamaica and the trip just so happen to fall on today’s date.

According to, some do it as something unforgettable and easy to remember while others as a way to convey a message.

Whatever the case may be, dates that hold consecutive and sequential numbers have been very influential in helping couples choose their wedding day.

This is not the first time where ceremonial wedding dates based upon consecutive numbers have hit an all time high. Last year on 12/12/12, more than 75,000 couples decided to walk down the aisle. Then of course, there have previously been other dates alike such as 9/10/11 and 10/11/12.

Next year, 12/13/14 will fall on a Saturday, becoming the last sequential date to grace this century.

Image Via: Youtube, Newscenter1