Could Celebrities Drum Up Mass iGoogle Interest?

By: Chris Crum - June 3, 2009

Google has introduced the iGoogle showcase, which is a gallery of celebrity iGoogle pages for you to peruse, and if you like one well enough, emulate theirs for your own. I suspect this is a way to generate more interest in the use of iGoogle (it certainly worked for Twitter).

If you want to know my thoughts on iGoogle as a social media entity, read my article here. Suffice it to say, I think it is an ideal place for Google to create a central hub for its own social products and features.

Celeb iGoogle Tweet

Unsurprisingly, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are involved. I hear Kutcher’s up to 2 million on Twitter too, by the way. Oprah must not be an iGoogle user though, because she is MIA, although, I guess it would be more appropriate if she joined the initiative much later. It could certainly do a lot for iGoogle usage though. You’ll probably recall her quite heavy influence on Twitter.

With the iGoogle showcase, Google not only allows you to view the homepages of these celebrities, but add their gadgets to your homepage "a ala carte." For each celebrity, the gadgets are listed with links to add them to your own iGoogle page.

Celebrities featured in the showcase include:

– Al Gore
– Anna Sui
– Demi Moore
– Dave Matthews
– Ashton Kutcher
– Martha Stewart
– Keith Urban
– Betsey Johnson
– Donald Trump
– Katie Couric
– Wyclef Jean
– Kevin Rose
– Rachel Ray
– Andy Roddick
– Queen Rania
– Arianna Huffington
– Anderson Cooper
– Ryan Seacrest
– Deepak Chopra
– Anne Geddes
– Seth Godin
– Vint Cerf
– Tim Ferriss
– Tim Brown
– Dean Ornish
– Tony Hsieh
– Shawn Fanning
– Charles Huang
– Stephen Bliss
– Tina Sharkey

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