Cote de Pablo Stars in First Post-NCIS Role

    January 11, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Cote de Pablo broke the hearts of countless NCIS fans when she left the show this past fall. Featured in the short clip above talking about her future with NCIS–on her very first day of the show, in fact–she anticipated learning a lot during her time there. Now the beloved actress has moved on to the film world. She is sure to leave her mark in this film about Chilean miners.

The 33 is the story of the 2010 rescue of 33 trapped Chilean miners who spent 69 days underground in the Copiapo gold and copper mine. Cote de Pablo will play the wife of one of the trapped miners. The film will also star Antonio Banderas, Jennifer Lopez, Juliette Binoche and Rodrigo Santoro. It is presently in production in both Colombia and Chile. Cote is from Chile and her mother still resides there. The film no doubt tugs at her heartstrings which will, of course, serve to enhance her role even further.

This film clip shows the actual rescue of the first of the Chilean miners following more than three months in captivity underneath the earth.

Cote de Pablo played the role of NCIS’s Special Agent Ziva David. The last few episodes left fans on the edges of their seats, waiting to see if she would become romantically involved with Michael Weatherly’s NCIS character, Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. Her last appearance on NCIS was a bit disappointing, but fans are clinging to a very slight shred of hope that she might one day return to the show.

It will definitely be fun to watch Cote on the big screen with the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Antonio Banderas. Will she become a famous movie star and leave behind even the most remote thoughts of ever returning to NCIS? Or might this simply be a case of Cote de Pablo trying her hand at something brand new–a feat everyone should lay claim to at many points during their lives?

Image via Wikimedia

  • Jason

    I’m happy she is doing something. That being said i still would like to see her back on NCIS too.. although i do not speak that language and i do not want to be selfish however i will watch it. hope fully i can get English subtitles or there is even an English version i would love it ether way i am sure of it. Thank You Cote and Others to whom made this possible.

  • Sue Aliferis

    The absence of Cote de Pablo (Ziva David)from NCIS has been difficult for me. I so enjoyed the ambiance between her and Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo). She is an amazing actress and of course, I wish her the very best in her acting career. Anxiously awaiting her new movie, The 33;however, I do hope she will come back to NCIS. The show is just not the same and I have been a huge fan of NCIS for a long time.

    • Red head

      I agree, I have not watch it since she left, I hope she do return, an wish her the best.
      We should not stop asking cbs.

  • http://webpronews stephen

    i doubt Cote realizes HOW MUCH NCIS has deteriorated without her…the replacement’s role in unbelievable and the replacement actress equally unbelievable…….i also realize she tired of the role but think she never fully understood how much she did to uplift the image of women in the workplace by simply portraying a beautiful, strong, and INTELLIGENT lady……millions of viewers, including myself, are poorer for her decision…

    • Diana

      I could not agree with you more. Everyone at CBS station thinks that she simply abandoned the NCIS crew. But in reality she was exercises her right for equality of equal pay which she deserves.

  • http://TimeWarner Geronimo

    I am ANXIOUS to see this movie.. She is GOOD at her craft, and she will have some of the best people to be working with.. Jennifer Lopez/Antonio Banderas, WOWZA I sure hope it is a HUGH SUCCESS. If she doesn’t like the movie gig, she would always be able to go back to NCIS, because it isn’t the same WITHOUT her. Good Luck *Ziva David*…. you go GIRL.

  • John

    NCIS is a great show, but the absence of cote has been a real bummer the show just is not the same without her. Her replacement does not cut it. Somehow, someway, I hope she returns to the NCIS series. She can still pursue other acting jobs even though she might do NCIS again. Cote Please come back we miss you.

  • Barbara

    I too miss Cote. Her replacement just doesn’t cut it. She’s nice but she’s just not Ziva. Cote I hope one day that you will return.

  • Barry F Stinson

    I agree that she is missed on NCIS, although her replacement is still finding her footing, and will most likely do a fine job. Cote deserves to expand her horizons, and I wish her well.

  • sandi

    I wish amazing sucess to her. She made a really complex, wounded, outwardly tough character beloved by so many.

    And many big names HAVE made guest appearances on NCIS – so I hope success to her AND a return to reprise her role in a number of guest shots. Many of us fans feel there is very unfinished business to resolve in NCIS-land for her Israeli alter ego, regardless of any, hopefully awesome, movie or stage success she may find in the future.

    As to her successor: Tried, couldn’t. Watched last week for the first time following Once a Crook. Sorry, I loved the ethnicity, depth, history and complexy of Ziva David. That is what brought me to the show. Additionally, I loved the magic of watching Cote and Michael Weatherly interact. With Bishop, what can I say: the thrill is GONE. Too perky, too blond, too know it all. She shows up and Gibbs defers to her immediately? Blech. To me, it’s like watching an NCIS Smurf.

  • Pam

    I’ve never missed an episode of NCIS. I’m hoping the Bishop character will grow and I’ll like her, but, I’m waiting. Ziva’s character was a great role model for girls. To grow up strong, able to defend herself and intelligent. The fact that Cote is breathtakingly beautiful doesn’t hurt, but it’s not her greatest asset. Her strength of character and intelligence are. And that, along with Cote’s acting, is why we all miss her so much.

  • Krysti

    I am very excited for Cote and look forward to seeing her work. She is a very talented actress and deserves the best. I am still holding out hope that she will come back to NCIS because the show is lacking without her. The chemistry between her and rest of the cast is something that cannot be replaced especially with Michael Weatherly. Although I support and understand why she left, she surely missed.

  • Marysue

    I too, miss Cote on NCIS but am excited for her for this opportunity in “The 33”. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie when it is out. I still cling to the hope that she will reprise her role as ZIVA on NCIS even if it is just part time. I also agree that the current cast lack the chemistry from past seasons. I think Ziva kept Dinozzo grounded as did Cote in real life with Michael. Michael and Cote have made comments in past TV interviews about how much hey enjoy working with each other and it definitely showed onscreen.

  • Dr. Bobby

    After a few more episodes, Ziva will be forgotten. Tony will move on to new romantic endeavors.

  • Margie

    I want ziva back.

  • Margie

    Don’t like the show without ziva. Bring her back

  • Margie

    Bring back ziva the show is not the same

    • Margie

      Bring back ziva

  • Jim Perea

    NCIS will never be the same, Cote dePablo has the acting capabilities the show needs. Watching last nights episode left me at not real happy with show. The chemistry is not there I think her replacement has missed the mark. I don’t think it was a good choice. The person taking Cotes place is talented but does not fit the show.

  • Dan

    NCIS is not the same without her. Big mistake adding such a young actress (Emily….) to the NCIS lineup.I don’t like the blonde girl…..I miss Ziva :(. I guess it’s time for me to watch something else…. “The Blacklist” by NBC it’s looking very promising!!! this is the beginning of the end for NCIS.

  • Jean

    I think it will be wonderful to see her on the big screen. Is Jennifer Lopez still in it because I thought she had dropped out? I think Martin Sheen is in it and Josh Brolin (the son). It sounds really interesting and I can see why Mis de Pablo would feel passionate about it as it seemed really thrilling to watch it on TV at the time.It was a real miracle. I wish Cote de Pablo all the best and hope the movie is a great success.


    She's not staring, she'll be luck if she has 5 minutes of screen time…she is basically zero compare to the other actors….and they hardly even include her in promotions.