Costco Bibles Labeled As Fiction

By: Lindsay McCane - November 20, 2013

The Costco in Simi Valley has issued an apology after a pastor snapped a picture and posted it on Twitter of a Bible labeled as fiction.

Pastor Caleb Kaltenbach was browsing through Costco, searching for a gift, when he saw something that caught his eye…a bible with a $14.99 fiction label. He took a picture of the Bible and posted it to his personal Twitter profile with a caption that read, “Costco has Bibles for sale under the genre of FICTION Hmmmm…”

Not only was his congregation in an uproar, but his photo has seemed to cause controversy all over the United States. “It’s caused a lot of controversy, it’s caused a lot of conversation, which I think conversation is good,” Kaltenbach told KCBS-TV.

“I was completely offended. It’s wrong, and I believe that the Bible is real and it shouldn’t be marked fiction,” Shellie Dungan, a member of Kaltenbach’s congregation.

On Wednesday, Costco issued an apology saying that the Bibles were mislabeled and they were taking action to prevent this from happening in the future

“Costco’s distributor mislabeled a small percentage of the Bibles, however we take responsibility and should have caught the mistake. We are correcting this with them for future distribution,” the statement read. “In addition, we are immediately relabeling all mislabeled Bibles. We greatly apologize for this error.”

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  • Diane Knight

    They are fiction. Certainly there are parts based on actual historical events, but the book itself should be labeled as fiction.
    Considering the exceptional way they treat their employees, I doubt that any of them will be going to hell. That will be reserved for Wal Mart.

    • http://WebProNews/Life Lee Ware

      Diane, your comment is just an opinion. I believe differently. If anyone cares to honestly research the evidence for the Bible as true, that person will conclude the Bible is true and should not be labeled as fiction.

      • Lola Bido

        Lee, yours is just an opinion too. Other people don’t need the Bible to be good. Just because YOU need to think it’s true doesn’t make it so.

        • Gina

          Lola, the Bible is actually a book filled with many actual historical accounts. It can be cross referenced to many non religious historical documents to prove the stories. In fact, nothing in all of history or science has ever DISproved the stories in the bible. Science and history just continue to make arguments in favor of the bible stories. Try looking, I dare you.

          • Seth

            Basic math disproves the Flood myth, basic biology disproves the existence of Adam and Eve, and basic philosophy shows the god character to be a genocidal, baby killing, immoral being. It’s fiction.

          • GalapagosPete

            Gina, “many historical accounts,” eh?

            OK, name 15 historical events in the bible that have been verified through extra-biblical sources to the same level of certainty as the existence of Julius Caesar.

            And then explain how, since we could easily find that many historically-accurate accounts of world events in The Amazing Spider-Man comic, we should then assume that the overall story of the bible is true.

          • John

            “Science and history just continue to make arguments in favor of the bible stories.”

            Science makes arguments in favour of the bible… Oh boy.

          • Brandon

            It doesn’t matter if they weren’t disproved. You could claim anything exists by just saying it hasn’t been disproved. Prove invisible flying unicorns don’t exist. The lack of actual evidence for many parts of the bible is all we need to claim they are false. Do you honestly believe every last word written in the bible?

          • T.C.

            Gina the Bible contradicts itself many times over so how can it applauded for historical accuracy when it can’t even agree with itself??

        • Sarah

          ALL — THis is insane. it should not be labelled “FICTION”!!! it SHOULD be labelled “FANTASY”!!!!

      • cat miller

        Lee, your comment is just an opinion. I believe differently. I f anyone cares to “honestly” research the evidence for the Bible as true, that person MAY or MAY NOT conclude the Bible is true. The stories in the Bible are stories. Like many past novels and movies of today. Poetic license was liberal in the interpretation of the stories. If one didn’t like the original English interpretation in the late 1300’s, many just had new interpreters until it read as “they” believed.

      • Moses


        The belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree… yeah, makes perfect sense.

      • Dalton

        The bible has been researched, extensively, and the events therein have been found to be FALSE. It’s a story designed to scare people into giving up their freedom, nothing more.

      • Riley lynch

        Lee the bible is not true at all and there is an insane amount of evidence to support that it is fake. And there is no evidence to support that it is real

      • jesde

        Any theory or “story” shiuld remain fictitious until proven otherwise. This means evidence.

      • brandyrox

        And your opinion is an opinion as well. Just because you conclude it is true on bad evidence doesn’t mean it should be sold as fiction. Some people believe that many unbelievable things are true but they are not printed as fiction. This just goes to show how intolerant you are and that you are not above bullying to get your opinion across.

      • Rose

        Actually if you do the research you’ll find that the Catholic Church edited and modified the bible to control the surfs which were unable to read by law, doing this kept the kings reign enforced allowing the church to continue to control the state of affairs and the king!

    • Carl

      It should be placed in the SciFi/Fantasy section. The Ascension sounds a lot like aliens beaming people up to their spaceships. Not to mention, the whole virgin Mary and angel Gabriel sounds a bit fishy. Gabriel could have been alien also or just some douche trying to rape a 14 year old girl that was half asleep. He ended up convincing her that he was sent by God to impregnate her. He probably also raped her cousin 6 months earlier.

  • Dave O’Brien

    Doesn’t it occur to anyone that someone simply made a mistake in labeling? If you prefer to think that Satan stalks the aisles of Costco……….be my guest.

    • Sarah

      don’t be ridiculous… it’s not satan… it’s an alien from Mexico!!!!

    • Dia

      I believe someone did it on purpose…

    • Dia

      I believe someone did it on purpose…

    • Dia

      I believe someone did it on purpose… for whatever reason. This was not a mistake…

  • Linda

    Some people are of the opinion that the Bible IS fiction.

    Mistakes are made. No reason to go ballistic.

  • Kim Caron-Lohman

    I believe the Bible is true, but I also believe that the mislabeling of Bibles at Costco was just an oversight. Everyone wants to criticize and boycott and make a federal case about everything these days. It’s exhausting.

  • Lee Ware

    I believe the Bible is true and should not be labeled as fiction. To those who believe that certain people are exempt from going to hell or that Satan doesn’t influence “mistakes” like this to occur, I disagree with that assessment also.

    • Blake

      Satan’s bright idea for sticking it to God was to target the price stickers of a Membership-only store in Simi Valley? I don’t think any of us should be too afraid of that guy, then.

    • Aaron

      Why do religious people constantly threaten you with something that only exists if you believe in their religion. “You’re going to hell” is in no way, shape, or form going to be a compelling argument.

    • John

      Technically speaking, if I do nothing wrong in life, except be an atheist, I will go to “hell”.
      “Satan” wants to convince us that God is not real, so really, I should be sent to “hell”, where “Satan” will be fairly happy with me, because I am on his side.

      I’m down!

  • http://Yahoo Jack Mace

    Science has proven that the stars are stuck in a firmament and that beyond that are the waters. Anybody who disagrees with this PROVEN scientific FACT will be stuck in the firmament with the stars and the waters.
    So there!

    • GalapagosPete

      But I was hoping to go to Hell for all eternity with Mark Twain, Carl Sagan, and those guys!

      Heaven for the climate, Hell for the intelligent conversation.

  • Lola Bido


  • Mike

    Main character has superpowers = fictional story. Deal with it.

    • Sarah

      Didn’t you know? He’s part of the power rangers…

  • Tim

    Thats it piss of some more Christians. Lets face it most of these business owners believe the Bible is Fiction but to actually label it that. Personally I think its a publicity stunt, 100s of people just went to costco today to see if they are doing it in their town.
    Nothing to do with the Bible its about getting angry Christians in the store.

  • Funny

    It was just a labeling mistake. Trust me Satan isn’t out there destroying souls through product labels. He is out there destroying souls through anger, hatred, a lack of mercy, poverty, prisons, war, and corruption.

    Of course, this will get a lot of press and outrage, but where is the outrage when the poor are hit by food stamp reductions while the government wastes billions on a needless shutdown? Where is the outrage when we realize we have 2 million people in prisons in this nation – that doesn’t even count the millions in jails, on probation or on parole? Where is the outrage when we realize that by the end of the year, abortions in 2013 will surpass all the gun related deaths combined since 1970? Where is the outrage when we realize that our economic sanctions against Iraq cost over 2 million lives? Where is the outrage over our drones killing innocent men, women, and children?

    That ladies and gentlemen is how the Satan works. Satan works in every day events we ignore or we allow to happen because we don’t do what Christ told us to do —- love, forgive, and give mercy.

    • tatude34

      Funny you realize all the things you named off that Satan is doing to destroy souls god did in the bible! Where is you god while all this is happening to his people! Why does he let innocent children die slow deaths from cancer cause someone didn’t do what he said that’s petty and not the sign of a caring loving “father” as you call him I would disown my father if he did the things to me your god does to his “children”

  • JK

    Satan works in everyday things. When we don’t give mercy or forgive. He isn’t plotting the downfall of God via pricing labels.

    • Robert

      If you think the Bible is truth and not fiction you need to do some research as to how many words have been misinterpreted over the ages as they are transcribed.. how many passages have been eliminated by votes of many times things hsve been changed due to politics over the ages.. just a much changed work of oral myths written down over and over

  • jason ortiz

    to ALL posters: look up the definition of faith, then the definition of fiction, then the definition of non-fiction, then and only then try to condemn anyone for labeling the bible as fiction. In libraries the bible is categorized as neither, rather as religion. Costco has done nothing wrong here, except excite those who “believe” the bible to be more than it is.

  • Russell

    Dinosaurs = did exist. Talking snakes = fiction. Does anyone really believe Kangaroos are in Australia because a man who was many centuries old built a boat and dropped them off there? The Jewish exodus? Do you know how long it would take for 800K to 1.2M people, their belongs and livestock, to cross the Red Sea (even if it did part)? Anyone really believe the Earth was created and populated in six days? Fiction was an incorrect label. It’s called “myth”.

  • Well

    I don’t know if the bible is 100% true or not. It was written by man. What I do know is that Christ lived and died for us. All you need to ever know is what Christ did, why he did it, and how he treated people.

    He forgave. He was compassionate. He loved. He never cast the first stone. He trusted in God. He sacrificed. He was loyal to God. He persevered. He is all about mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy.

    Christ’s life is the example. We must never forget that. Remember, Christ had to come again because people followed the Old Testament and got it all wrong. People were brutal and horrible. Sad thing is that in America today, people still follow the Old Testament in a brutal and horrible manner.

    Christ’s life is all you need to know. Argue all you want about the Bible. It was never meant to be answers to everything. Christ was though. Follow him.

    • Sarah

      there’s no evident that he was ever on this earth. Maybe in an alternate universe, but not this one.

      • @Sarah

        There is tons of evidence that Christ was on this earth! Where do you get your information from?

        Texts from multiple different cultures and countries confirmed this.

        I don’t know who taught you that nonsense but it is wrong. Go to a university or something and study. The evidence is actually pretty overwhelming!

      • @Sarah

        At the end of the day Sarah, you will realize that he did exist and all he said is true. You will see.

        Ancient texts from around the world speak of Jesus by the way. Texts that are not only Christian.

        • GalapagosPete

          Which texts?

          • jesse

            There are none. Just a large book of fairy tales. And the “ancient texts” he speaks of are from completely different different religions, each with their own messiah. None refer to a jesus christ. Only the most potentially detrimental text, you know which one im talking about. The one that is stopping society from learning what is REALLY happening.

    • Jesus Christ

      I am not on twitter, because I do not want followers. Do not twist things around, peasant boy.

    • tatude34

      All the stories of Jesus’s life where wrote at least 70 years after he was suppose to have lived and none while he was “alive” and why wouldn’t write down all the miracles he did right after he did them! If it was as amazing and great as it was said to be then someone would’ve of said he write that down so people will know about it! no proof jesus lived or was the son of god or even died on the cross!!!

  • http://Yahoo Pamela Bunting Lewis

    Good Discovery by the Discovery Church. You have to be very careful in which translation you choose now too. Some Bibles have had alterations to them in the Final Days. Stick with versions you know. Most subscribe to the King James version. I use the NIV topical study with the actual words of Jesus Christ in red letters. I pray and get Scriptures for guidance and direction. “People will always let you down but the Lord never will.” Peace in Christ, Pamela Bunting Lewis November 20, 2013.

  • Jay

    It is fiction. This is so dumb to even debate.

    • Sarah

      Jay… don’t be an idiot!!! it’s not a fiction!!! it’s a fantasy!!!

      • GalapagosPete

        I would call it mythology: an attempt by a primitive culture to explain nature. It wasn’t intended as fiction – exactly – but it certainly isn’t true.

  • Moses


    The belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree… yeah, makes perfect sense.

  • Reality

    I hardly think Satan’s plan for capturing souls is centered around mislabeled bibles. All you need to do is follow the example of Christ. Focus on Christ. I assure you that all he said is true. Every word of it. You will come to know this before you die too.

  • Interesting

    So many people cling to their understanding of science to explain everything when in reality, our understanding of science is so juvenile that once we leave this planet we will have to re-write all our science books. The truth is that we have no clue how things began. None. We barely know our own history on this planet and I suspect much of that is hidden from the public by the government. After all, what do you think would happen if the world found out that the history we have been taught for 200 years in this country was just plain wrong.

    I do know this though. This universe was done by intelligent design and if there is a design, then there is a designer. I am a person with an extensive scientific background and at the same time, I believe in Christ. Our planet and life is simply too perfect and too well thought out to be the result of just randomness.

    Argue about the details all you want. Just know Christ is right about it all. In the end, that will not change. Try arguing with the thing Christ said. You will lose every time because he is simply right about it all.

    • Katie

      Obviously you don’t understand evolution if you think it was all a result of randomness. And just because we don’t know how things began doesn’t mean we should say God did it and remain ignorant. Just saying there’s an intelligent designer, you pretend to know something you don’t know. Anything beyond that is also speculation.

      • @Katie

        Yes, evolution is the result of randomness. There is no discernible pattern and actually there is a lot of “luck” involved. There is much that evolution cannot answer. Many, many, many scientists have spoken out about this.

        I will use your own words —- there is much we don’t know and everything is speculation —- that includes evolution. The theory of evolution has a ton of holes in it.

        Go try mixing a bunch of chemicals or mating a bunch of monkeys. You will never in a billion years end up with a human being. Never. You will just be mixing chemicals. You will just be mating monkeys.

    • Morgan

      For someone with “extensive scientific background” (I’m calling bullsh*t on that), you certainly have no idea how advanced science is. We barely know our own history? No, you don’t know our history as humans because you never read beyond your bible. We don’t know about how the universe began? Oh that’s right, you never studied the Big Bang theory because your bible claims the earth was made in six days.

      You may argue with Jesus all you want. You’ll only be arguing with yourself and your imaginary friend. It’s a shame someone as literate as you is still clinging onto bronze-age mythologies. You should ditch the fairytales and move onto grown-up books.

      • @Morgan

        The big bang theory is highly suspect and can never be proven. Plus, it doesn’t fundamentally address what happened before the big bang and how the universe is even constructed. The Big Bang theory is simply a guess. That is all. In fact, many scientists have come out and said that.

        Actually, I do know how advanced science is and the reality is that we are re-writing a lot of the science we thought was accurate in the past and 20 years from now they will be rewriting the science of today.

        As you grow older, I assure you that you will know that Christ is right about everything. I am highly educated, I have traveled the world, been to places you can’t begin to imagine and at the end of the day, all of life goes back to everything Christ talked about. The reality is that he is simply right about it all. You will call upon him before your life is through. I promise you this. All of us will.

    • Jesus Christ

      To argue with the fact that earth is too perfect for chance, I’d say the universe is infinite, and in this infinite universe it’s only mathematically possible that somewhere, everything is aligned to allow life. If it’s one in a hundred billion chances, then know that there are more than a hundred billion times that amount of chances in this vast universe for life. There’s enough chances for all things to align so much in that you all could have exact replicas of yourselves out there somewhere. It’s not intelligent design, it’s merely that there are so many chances.

      • @Jesus Christ

        Go ahead and believe that nonsense if you want. You are talking infinite variables by infinite variables. Imagine hitting a lottery with infinite balls by infinite balls. Then having to be exactly right on all of them.

        The complexity of the universe is staggering. Randomness has nothing to do with it. Trust me, every soul on this planet is unique. There can never be an exact replica of me or you. That person who have to have my same exact experiences and that is impossible because there is only one me and you.

        • tatude34

          @@jesuschrist Why did you god make all the other planets and stars and universes? If we are the only planet with life? If all he need was some humans to serve him and make his ego bigger or make him feel needed that’s the only reasons to have someone to serve you! The earth would be the only planet if your god was real and need servants there is no explanation for the rest of space in the bible or when or why he created it

    • T.C.

      “Simply too perfect”… There is nothing perfect about the creatures on this earth or the earth itself. There are inhabitable portions of the earth, not too mention the ever changing climate and natural disasters that come with living on a giant space rock.

  • Wasn’t Meant To Be

    The bible was never meant to be the answers to everything, but that doesn’t mean it is wrong either. It is exactly what it is titled.

    B asic
    I nstructions
    B efore
    L leaving
    E arth

    Read the bible. Focus on Christ. Pray. Use your actions to glorify Christ. Following Christ is much more than just reading the Bible but you also can’t follow Christ without reading the bible either.

    I love science actually, but science does not have all the answers. I assure you of this. The truth is something we cannot even begin to fathom. It is too far beyond us.

    • Jesus Christ

      You say science does not have all of the answers. I just want to point something out. Science is exponential. It answers questions EVERY DAY. To imply that science will never have the answers for the fantastic notions the bible puts forth, is quite ignorant. I would like to say this: science, at least, has the potential to give verifiable, and satisfying, answers to all the questions ever asked. The bible is at a complete standstill. It’s run out of gas. It’s run out of influence. The non-religious population will continue to grow for this reason: man has finally outsmarted the heathens that wrote our destiny.

  • Stump A Scientist

    Want to stump a person that only believes in science and evolution? Just keep asking the question – what came before.

    What came before? Is the question that can never be answered. Frankly, we will never know the full story of life.

    My God. Earth is really just a small back water planet on the fringes of a small galaxy in the middle of nowhere. We have no clue about life and how it all works.

    • John

      So if God made everything in the universe, where did he come from?

      • Eve

        God was not created. He has no origin.

  • eric Yantz

    This book is mostly fiction. While I’m sure there are certain parts that are based on true events, Let’s face it, no sane person believes in talking snakes, talking donkeys,or that 2 of every creature on the planet would fit in Noah’s little boat. We know that different languages came from different cultures, not from the building of a tower that was halted to stop humans from breaching the sky by a big man that lives up there. That is evident by the fact that we have a space station in orbit.
    The story of Jews being enslaved by the Egyptians? Probably true, but ten percent history and ninety percent fantasy definitely deserves to be in the fiction section…unless we are moving Harry Potter to the history because real boys snd girls do go to schools.
    I apologize for any grammatical errors as I typed this on a smartphone screen.

  • Dylan Williams

    I think this story is biased. You see examples of outrage from those that are against this labeling but why is there nothing from those that would support it?

    Honestly i believe the bible belongs in the Fiction or Fantasy genre with a disclaimer stating that parts of the story are based on real events.

    “God is the main character in the worlds first fictional book”

  • Kelly

    Seriously have not of you ever worked in a store and made a mistake? I thought God was all about forgiveness!

  • dona fogg

    Maybe label it as subjective reading. I wouldn’t call it fiction because of how offensive it would be to believers. But not nonfiction because of my believes.

  • stoinciometricpieintheface

    Science will make us live forever then we will have time to figure it out come back in time and show you!

  • Sith

    The sooner we learn that the bible it’s as real as the moon it’s made of cheese, the better we achieve real prosperity and evolve as a human species without differences as lame as religion, which it’s only reason it’s to holding us back!!!

  • Jose

    Our economy is in shambles, a Senator was stabbed by his son before he shot himself, and we are worried about how a book was labeled???? How about we put some real news on instead of someone’s twitter picture….geez!

  • David

    The Bible IS fiction. That’s not an opinion. It’s truth. There is no factual basis on it. It’s a book of beliefs, not of total facts.

  • LMC Stephenson

    The Bible is, in fact, a fictitious book. It should be labeled as fiction, sub labeled as the Book of Jewish Fairytales.

  • Ronald Jacobs

    For those of you who hold the Bible as truth look up the Piso family