Costa Concordia: Amazing Underwater Footage Of Sunken Ship Revealed

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Italian authorities released a video that shows the interiors of the Costa Concordia, a cruise ship that struck a rock on the island of Giglio, Italy on January 2012.

The cruise ship sustained a 50-meter tear on the side of its hull, which resulted in the flooding of the ship’s engine room. There were 3,229 passengers and 1,023 crew on board, and 32 reportedly died from the incident.

Costa Concordia was turned upright in September, but part of the ship remains submerged. Police divers swam through the wrecks of the 950-foot vessel and they were able to capture an eerie and ghostly video of the ship’s interior. The video showed scattered objects, unmanned desks, and chairs where the passengers lounged before the unfortunate incident.

Costa Concordia: Animation Of Crash

Chaos Aboard The Costa Concordia As It Sank

Costa Concordia As It Is Today

Underwater Video Footage Of The Costa Concordia

Salvage crews plan to refloat the ship on July 14 in order to return it to its home in Genoa. Reports say that the sunken ship will be dismantled and turned into scrap. The trip from the site to Genoa will take about five days to complete, but authorities say that the trip could be postponed if there are threats of storms.

Costa Concordia Salvage Plan

They intend to do the process slowly to make sure that rotten food and chemicals do not spread to the clear waters. As the Costa Concordia is slowly raised, salvage crews will be cleaning out the debris that appears on the water line.

The final voyage of the Costa Concordia is nearing, and the Tuscany court is still in the process of getting more evidence in the manslaughter trial of Francesco Schettino. Schettino, the captain of Costa Concordia, allegedly steered the ship into the rocks in an attempt to sail past Giglio Island.

Schettino said that the maps he used did not display the ridge that he hit. An expert agreed with Schettino’s statement. However, the expert also said that the maps were only supposed to be used for sailing off the coast and not near the island.

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