Cosmonaut Wants Booze in Space

    April 27, 2005

Want a wet bar in space? A Russian cosmonaut does. Salizhan Sharipov just got back from the International Space Station and thinks a little liquor would help them do their jobs better.

The RIA-Novosti news agency reported in a recent story that Mr. Sharipov thinks 50 ml of wine or cognac would be desirable to reduce stress and help perform their job more efficiently.

“But only to improve our work, to better cope with the psychological stress,” Sharipov said.

These words came from a press conference held after Sharipov returned from space along with U.S. astronaut Leroy Chiao and Italian astronaut Roberto Vittori. Sharipov and Chiao had been in space since last Oct. and Vittori had been there for 10 days as part of this recent Soyuz mission to replace Sharipov and Chiao.

The astronauts returned on Monday safely.

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.