Corporate Entities Slow To Install XP Service Pack 2

    April 4, 2005

A study conducted by AssetMetrix determined a large number of corporate PCs have been slow to install Microsoft’s Windows XP Service Pack 2.

AssetMetrix Research Labs surveyed 251 North American corporations, which employ over 136,000 PCs. The analysis found less than 25 percent of these computers have the service pack installed.

When Microsoft released SP2, as a response to customer requests, they issued an 8-month window where delivery of the update was not mandatory. This window closes on April 12, 2005. Those who do not have SP2 installed will have Windows XP Service Pack 2 delivered to them via the Windows Update tool.

Most of the companies who do not have SP2 installed are doing so in order to further test the update with current computers and networks.

Steve O’Halloran, managing director of AssetMetrix Research Labs, had these thoughts, “Microsoft allowed a significant period of time to accommodate companies’ demand to test and validate Windows XP SP2 within their IT infrastructure. Based on our research, a substantial number of companies have yet to decide whether to accept or embargo Windows XP SP2. To date, we have observed that 40% of companies using Windows XP have actively avoided upgrading to SP2, and only 7% have actively accepted it. The other 52% of the companies showed no direction or policy towards SP2, and may find themselves having support issues by allowing multiple editions of Windows XP to exist in their infrastructure.”

After the suspension date, those who do not have SP2 installed will undoubtedly face a number of upcoming incompatibilities with future Windows support and upcoming software updates.

“In general, we at AssetMetrix Research Labs recommend that companies deploy Service Pack 2, and we recommend proper testing and verification before the April 12 deadline,” O’Halloran said.

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