Corporate Blogs — Instrument For Conversation Alignment

    May 10, 2005

An interesting perspective on corporate blogging from gapingvoid: Every market has an internal and external conversation.

When everything works perfect, these conversations are aligned. That is, what you’re thinking about your products/services internally is pretty much what your customers think too. All too often these conversations are misaligned — and that’s where blogs can do their job. They’re an instrument for alignment and that’s why they work.

Link: Why Corporate Blogging Works.

In its simplicity this idea is great. If there’s anything missing it is the fact that there are other types of corporate blogs that works as well, blogs that not are primarily written to strengthen or “align” conversations. The more fundamentalistic blog evangelists would say that in that case it’s not blogging but marketing. There are, for example, many bloggers that successfully builds a personal brand with blogging and that’s in some sense a different ball game.

Anyway, great model from Hugh. Now we’re waiting for your ideas on why internal corporate blogging works!

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