Corey Feldman Stalker Drama Relayed On Twitter

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Actor Corey Feldman has his share of weird stories; at least, I assume he does, considering he used to dress/act just like Michael Jackson and lived with best friend and fellow actor Corey Haim while they filmed the reality show "The Two Coreys". But this one kind of takes the cake.

According to a report by TMZ in May, Feldman had to call the cops on a woman named Jennifer Herbert, who had been his friend and roommate until earlier in the year; the two met through mutual friend Michael Jackson. Apparently the two had a falling out after she acted inappropriately while he had a house full of guests, including threatening him with bodily harm in front of his child. He secured a restraining order against her, which she promptly violated, and he had her arrested.

Feldman tweeted about his ordeal and, later, the arrest:

For now, it seems Feldman and his stalker have come to a truce and have agreed before a judge to stop communicating with one another, including bashing each other on social media sites. Herbert has been ordered to move out of Feldman's home by 4 p.m. today; hopefully all will go well. Maybe he should have just pulled a Mouth move....

Amanda Crum
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