Coremetrics and IBM Deliver Web 2.0 Store

    May 8, 2007

Coremetrics is working with IBM to offer retailers Web 2.0 and multichannel analytics. IBM has introduced WebSphere Commerce 2.0 Store solution, an ecommerce platform based on Web 2.0 technology, which gives users a streamlined experience.

Coremetrics and IBM provide embedded analysis and measurement capabilities, with customizable tagging for reporting purposes. Retailers are able to track the effectiveness of the Web 2.0 store, allowing them to analyze both page views and "intra-page activity".

"We’re currently redesigning our site using IBM’s Web 2.0 Store functionality to provide a more streamlined shopping experience, so the ability to easily and effectively track and measure the impact of this new technology is key," said Devon Montoya, webmaster at philosophy Cosmetics, inc.

"The customer experience is paramount for us, and the IBM/Coremetrics partnership has made it easy for us to deploy an integrated Web and call center solution, with much of the tracking functionality already built in."

Coremetrics and IBM have also introduced a plug and play solution for multichannel analytics, based on Coremetrics existing integration with the IBM WebSphere Commerce platform. The solution includes reports, analytics, a streamlined measurement platform for the analysis of sales, products, promotions and B2B contracts on the Web.

"As retailers become more sophisticated in their multichannel strategy, it’s crucial to provide them with a holistic view of performance, so they can continually refine and maximize results," said John Squire, senior vice president, product strategy, and general manager, search services at Coremetrics.

"Web 2.0 developments make this a more challenging task, so we’re pleased to offer an intuitive tracking and analysis solution for the IBM WebSphere Commerce Web 2.0 Store. In the case of multichannel analytics, companies with this vision have previously had to cobble together a custom solution, so this will provide an easy to deploy solution for rapid results."