Corel Eyeing Microsofts Office Space

    April 26, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Dangling the low-cost alternative carrot in front of small businesses, Corel releases WordPerfect Office 12, complete with e-mail.

Recognizing that taking on office giants like Microsoft and Adobe was “impossible” when it comes to large entities, Corel’s CEO Amish Mehta said a product aimed at small businesses was an easier road to hoe.

“Businesses have told us that they want an option to be Microsoft-free, except for the operating system,” Mehta said.

The new office package from Corel features WordPerfect 12, Quattro Pro 12, Paint Shop Pro 9, a task manager, and a presentation program.

But what has gained the most attention is Yahoo’s involvement in developing the email client. The client, which is based on an acquisition of Yahoo’s known as Bloomba, is Corel’s first foray into email.

WordPerfect Mail can send and receive messages from any ISP or server that supports POP3 or IMAP, including Microsoft Exchange.

Corel’s Small Business Edition will retail for $349. A discounted version is available to companies previously using WordPerfect for $179.

Microsoft’s Office Small Business Edition retails at $450.