Copyright Suits for Using Faces on Google Maps?

    August 7, 2007

The LA Times informs us that Google has added new cities to its “Street View” photos.

The Internet company late Monday began incorporating street-level photos from Los Angeles, San Diego and some Orange County cities into its Google Maps program. The additions expanded an online service that thrilled some digital-map buffs and freaked out privacy advocates when it launched in May in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York and three other cities.

Many privacy advocates have called for Google to blur out the faces of anyone caught in one of their photos. But what if someone tried to teach Google a lesson?

I’d like to see someone file a copyright suit for use of their face without their permission. Think about it. Google is taking your photo without permission – ok, so it’s in a public place – and then using that image commercially. In other words, they’re using your face to make money.

Google’s been subject to all manner of strange law suits. It would be interesting to see if someone files one for facial copyright infringement. ;-)