Cops Kill Teen Gunman in Brooklyn

By: Sean Patterson - March 11, 2013

The local ABC affiliate in New York City is reporting that a teenager in Brooklyn was gunned down by police after he pulled a gun on two officers in Brooklyn.

The report states that on Saturday, March 9, two plain-clothed officers in an unmarked car who are part of the Brooklyn South anti-crime unit accosted a group of young men on 52nd street. One of the teens then began acting suspicious and the officers approached him. According to police, the 16-year-old then pulled a .38 caliber revolver and pointed it at the officers, who opened fire using their weapons. The teen, identified in the ABC report as Kimani Gray, later died at Kings County Hospital.

The NYPD has not released the names of the officers involved in the shooting, and has said it is continuing to investigate the incident. Police stated that the gun the teen allegedly pointed at police, which was loaded, was recovered at the scene of the incident, but it is unclear whether the teen fired it at the officers.

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  • mike

    If “the 16-year-old then pulled a .38 caliber revolver and pointed it at the officers” how can you say that he “was gunned down by police”?

    • Jim

      My feelings exactly!
      Does a cop have to wait to be fired at before he pulls the trigger. You pull a gun out and point it at a cop game over in my book.

    • Bob Calcaterra

      Doesn’t matter what you call it. They did what had to be done. It’s over. He’s dead and gone. Kudo’s to the Brooklyn Police Dept. At least we don’t have two dead cops.

    • Mark Edward

      After the guy(16 year old) pulled the gun, the police then”shot him with the weapons they had” that sounds like they gunned him down.

  • John

    Seems like a misleading headline.

    • Bob Calcaterra

      And you would make a dumb statement like that!! There was nothing misleading about the headline. It said what it was supposed to say. Amen!!!

    • Mark Edward

      “Cops kill teen gunman” how is that misleading ? The teen pulled a gun, the cops shot and killed him.

  • Bob Calcaterra

    Well, what did the loser think was going to happen when he pulled that gun on two cops? It took a complete idiot to do that. And if they would have shot him he would have shot them and might have had two dead cops and we would have been housing and feeding that loser for the rest of his life. It’s these type of ignorant pieces of trash that are making it hard for law abiding ccw carrying people like myself. He is just one less piece of shit off the streets as far as I am concerned. He played tha game and lost. And righfully so.

  • Mark Edward

    The strict New York gun laws stopped this kid, dead, we know this young man either stole the gun he had, or purchased it illegally on the street. It only shows gun free zones and strict or more laws aren’t the answer, the answer starts at home, with the parents teaching values and respect. Its too late for this one isn’t it.

  • mike schwieder

    What ? i thought carrying on gun in new york was illegal, how about that ! lol

  • http://yahoo lyle reynolds

    Again the headline is typical. If this was as stupid as it sounds, why are we talking about it. Sad that a youth is gone, but Im happy I dont have to pay for that stupidity forever.

  • http://yahoo thomas comis

    It’s glaringly clear as a bell that these black teen farts with all these guns are getting stoopider every day. If we let them go on like this maybe the gun problem will go away easier. Job Done!

    • Mark Edward

      It is also clear that for 10 years running, the leading cause of death for black men between the ages of 16-34 is being murdered by black men between the ages of 16-34 . So as you say, leave them alone, they’ll kill themselves.

      • harpo

        there you have it we need to ban black men between the ages of 16-34 and ban them now

        • Mark Edward

          I don’t think that’s a law that would pass, its just people always cry about white on black crime, like its a hate crime instead of just two men. But if its black on white they play it down.

  • Rob

    Trayvon II, and the media plays into it. I’ll bet the police did not “accost” the group as the article stated. And it fails to mention the 16 year old had a long rap sheet with multiple convictions. They forgot to find someone who called him a sweet little boy.

    • Mark Edward

      It isn’t “Travon II” Al and Jesse sr. aren’t screaming profiling and injustice. Maybe one or both of the cops are black?

  • Jessi

    Notice now that the gun debate is hot we see lots of new articles about guns. News flash this is nothing new and the violence is not getting worse it is just in the news more. Give me a break I am so sick of the liberal crybaby media

    • Mark Edward

      thats supposed to say liberal rag, RAG

  • http://webpronews Mike

    If he’s “stupid” enough to pull a gun on a cop. he needs to be shot.

    • Mark Edward

      Apparently, he was that stupid. He won’t get a second chance.

  • dwayne belton

    i.d. yourself as cops 1st…boy is this place falling and fast….

    • Mark Edward

      The article says “after accosting a group of boys, one was acting suspicious and pulled a gun” kind of fuzzy on if they identified themselves or not.

  • Peter

    This is a prime example that criminals come in all ages. Great work Officers.

  • Ivan l. White

    It is sad to hear this type of story. Young man points a gun at 2 armed men who are the police, and he gets shot to death. I am not one who feels that it is AllRight to shoot someone because you THINK thay are going to harm someone, but when someone Points a gun at you then you have to protect yourself. I am not the police, just another guy who walks done the road, but if you point a gun at me I will protect myself. May God have Mercy on this young mans soul. My thoughts and prayer are with his family in this hour of saddness……..

  • Whistleblower

    Let me GUESS……the teen is BLACK.

    • Mark Edward

      His names Kimani, that sounds Irish to me.

  • William Sherwood


    • Mark Edward

      All capital letters doesn’t make people read your post, in fact it has the opposite effect.

    • Christopher

      Quite frankly it isn’t any different from when white people go on massive shooting sprees and the media justifying their atrocious crimes by labeling them as “mentally ill.” Like the case of the innocent children in Connecticut and the many other massive shootings of teenage white boys.

      • Mark Edward

        OK Chris, explain how it is no different for some idiot, too kill unarmed people doing nothing, and two cops too shoot and kill someone pointing a gun at them.

      • Mark Edward

        Thats exactly what I thought, No reply, because they are nothing alike.

  • http://webpronews/life gene santiago

    This is a good start. A 16 year old carrying a 38 pistol. Was he black? Duh.

  • Mr. Know

    Whether he actually pointed/aimed at the Police will never be known. Once he pulled it out and the Police saw it they were going to open fire.

    A former US Army Officer and West Point graduate, legally carrying a concealed weapon, was gunned down (several shots in his back) by the Las Vegas Police when he made the mistake of trying to take the pistol out of his belt to show the Police.

    Once Police see the gun they will open fire. They are not going to wait until you aim at them.

    • Mark Edward

      Come on man, this is Brooklyn, you know the police there use discretion.

  • mark

    “Gunned down”. Really? “Accosted”? Well if you mean stopped to ID, etc. and shot at to prevent him from shooting them, then I guess the reporter summed it all up nicely.

  • Les Moore

    Well, thank God guns are illegal in NYC. The ban is working great apparently…just like it is in Chicago.

    • Mark Edward

      LMAO. You are correct sir.

  • Rich

    i am more bothered by the headlines used

    “teenager in Brooklyn was gunned down by police”

    Gunned down; please…talk about wanting to stir the pot

    • Mark Edward

      Set up the microphones and cameras, then call Jesse and Al.

  • Five Finger Fore Skin

    Are you people so afraid no one will read your articles that you have to write misleading headlines? You should be sued for slander.

  • John

    Well thats cops 1 dead dipshit 0. if you do bad stuff, bad stuff happens to you.

  • http://yahoo d-nice

    plain clothes cops, thats like anyone running up on a person with a gun what do you idiots think? I’m not condoning the behavior but you have to overstand what’s going on here, it said in the video the cops appoach the teen to question him, tell me what the cops said befor you start the judging.

  • Bob Herduin

    Gunned down, You mean shot in self defense don’t you. Love the way you guys try to spin this stuff….

  • Ic2manyvoycz

    Thank god guns are banned in NYC……otherwise a thug may have pulled a gun and shot two police officers….oh wait, that happened…But yahoo makes it sound like an innocent teen was “gunned down” by bad dirty cops! What gives? You mean the mainstream media isn’t being completely honest in their headlines?
    So what this should read is “Gangbanger shot and killed after pulling weapon on two polices officers” or something to that nature.
    Maybe we should ban shoelaces.

  • the phantom

    who cares if the piece of crap got a shot off at the cops. got what he deserved. good guys 1 – garbage 0.

  • Drew Timm

    the “shooter” didnt even have a gun. smh

  • http://yahoo d-nice

    cops are’nt killer i forgot, sounds to me like people are living in fear, good for the cops thats funny

  • http://yahoo d-nice

    i had a gun aim at my head by a cop on my way home from a show, no guns no drugs no speedind but that did’nt stop the cop from pulling his gun.

    • Mark Edward

      Same thing happened to me and my friend, pulled over slammed on the ground and some rooki pointing his gun at my head and he’s shaking like a leaf, I thought I was gonna die. Turned out we “fit the description” of two guys that just robbed a liquor store, told us to get the “F” ojt of there, no sorry or anything.

    • HobieD

      That’s not the entire story … is it d-nice? Cops don’t pull guns unless there is a reason. Nice try…

  • Howard

    I hope the cops indentified themselves as officers. If assholes rolled up on me I would be on the defensive.

  • Jack Mason

    This obviously was a “HATE CRIME” the teenager hated the police and would have killed them if they had not shot him……the ban on handguns in NYC is working soooooo well Mayor Bloomberg, you should think about disarming the police now.

    • Mark Edward

      I’m surprised the cops didn’t shoot 4-5 innocent bystanders, these guys aren’t known for having great aim.

      • http://yahoo scott

        You are sadly mistaken, mark…….why don’t you go point a weapon at a cop and watch how fast he draws and puts two in your little boy chest?!

  • Josh Bommer

    Someone needs to start killing cops to prove how goddamn useless they are. But hey, at least people are dying. More people dying, more space and more free oxygen.

    • joe citizen

      you say how “useless” cops are but yet, that same teen with that gun apparently did not have that gun lawfully. that teen with that gun apparently had foul intentions. that teen with that gun could have killed a law abiding citizen, child, store clerk in a robbery. no, i would have to disagree with you and say these cops actually did their job.

      • Mark Edward


      • Gary

        more gang bangers need to die. they are worthless crap, and have no right to breathe our air.

    • Mark Edward

      You need to change your last name to Boner, because you’re a dick.

      • David

        Well said Mark

      • texinmaine

        Haha, good one mark, I was thinking the same thing. It drives me crazy how narrow minded people are. All they see is that some poor kid was killed, but they refuse to acknowledge that the kid was responsible for his actions, they refuse to acknowledge that this “kid” had a loaded handgun and was pointing it at the officers. So are the officers supposed to think “well hes just a child so those bullets wont hurt me”? Wrong! They dont magically turn to play-do just because it is in the hands of a minor. Now i am sure there are some corrupt police officers in this world, just like there is corruption in any organization. But there are also a great deal more who are good hearted people who just want to protect and serve and I am sure are going to live with the pain of this night for the rest of their lives. It is indeed a horrible situation but I for one am glad that the officers are are going home to their loved ones.

    • David

      You’re an idiot

    • T C

      You could do yourself a favor and find a bridge to jump off of. I could use the extra oxygen

    • Polly McNulty

      Police are very necessary. Your opinion is that of a criminal.

  • woody3691

    Where did he get the gun from? Was there a straw buyer, did he steal it was it on loan? It’s more important to find that out than anything else. If in fact he drew a weapon on police officers, there is no question they did the correct thing. If law-abiding gun owners want to protect their rights and the government wants to resolve the gun issue, the source of the weapon is very important.

  • Jim

    I love the “Gunned” down word used by the poorly written, biased report given by the overpaid plagiarist that wrote this article. He was shot by the police defending themselves. They are not required to be shot because the newspaper thinks so….

  • Gary

    that’s the proper way to handle a gang banger. one down and a few thousand to go.

  • Mark Edward

    Man the police shot and killed a 16 year old because he pulled a gun on them, and these guys make it out like they just gunned him down. Geeeeezz

  • http://webpronews abdur raheem muhammad

    although i don,t agree with or even like cops, i think they did a great job, that old saying ” kill or be killed ” very true here

    • http://yahoo scott

      You’re an idiot……and cops don’t like you either!