Copiepresse Sues EC Over Links

    January 16, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Google’s bete noire regarding linking to news stories is at it again, as Copiepresse filed a lawsuit in its backyard against the European Commission.

Copiepresse created another spat over stories from news agencies it represents having links coming to them from another site. This time, Copiepresse will take on an executive agency, the European Commission, for the offense.

Quel horreur! People following links to read stories that have been posted on the Internet, with no web server configuration to redirect them to a registration page that would satisfy the Copiepresse suits? What’s next, Le Chocolatier Manon switching to carob?

A Bloomberg report said Copiepresse believe the EC violated copyrights by linking to stories from websites managed by the agency. A court in Brussels began investigating the claim, which could lead to further legal action by Copiepresse.

Copiepresse sued Google in 2006 over Google News linking to stories from publishers using Copiepresse for copyright management services. Google lost a judgment in that case; Google and Microsoft gave in to Copiepresse’s demands and removed the relevant publishers from their indexes.

Attacking a government agency is a much different, aggressive tactic. Such an agency could quietly retaliate in all kinds of ways. And here we just thought Copiepresse lacking good judgment for not putting up a proper robots.txt file for their publishers to keep out the offending search engines. Could a painfully detailed tax audit be in Copiepresse’s future?