Cop Photo Goes Viral After Boston Bombings

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A photo of a Boston police officer has gone viral after the police department tweeted about it over the weekend.

Officer John Bradley went above and beyond the call of duty when a Boston neighborhood was put on lockdown during the search for bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on Friday when he offered to go buy milk for a family with a baby. The child’s father, Kevin Wells, snapped a photo of Bradley returning to the house with milk in hand, and since it was shared it’s gone viral, sweeping the web as a visual representation of the strength and kindness Bostonians want to emphasize during such a difficult time.

“It just meant the world that he literally went out and got two gallons of milk,” McKenzie Wells, the baby’s mother, said. “We wanted to pay him, but he wouldn’t take money from us. He was just so generous.”

The family posted the picture on their Facebook page but took it down once it began to spread, fearing it would upset Bradley or the police department.

“The fact that it went as viral as it did was kind of crazy,” Wells said. “We kind of thought we were going to get in trouble at first, so we pulled it off. We just didn’t want to upset the officer, but we didn’t think it would be everywhere.”

Brookline Police Department tweeted the photo once it gained popularity, however, and it took off from there. Bradley has declined to comment, but a spokesperson from the department has said that he was simply happy to help.

Cop Photo Goes Viral After Boston Bombings
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  • Rebecca Dietz

    I thought this was just so great! I hope he gets tons of Thank-you’s everyday, I bet he is an awesome Officer. When people see law enforcement doing great things and posting the good deed, It builds trust.

    • J

      I think you were trying to show your appreciation for law enforcement, which is appreciated. I might point out, however, that it seemed to be an unintentional slap in the face for those of us in the south who go above and beyond quite often but no one ever photographs or takes the time make mention of it. Just letting you know we are going to keep doing this here in the South and elsewhere whether we are thanked or not. Blessings to you as well. J


    Salute to Officer Bradley. In addition to serving the area by placing his life on the line everyday, he helped and family not to mention a child. This is what being a public servant is all about. I hope a superior recognizes this officer through the department. All of the people from the greater Boston area we’re hero’s Monday, last. But acts of this type of kindness go as said, above and beyond. For all practical purposes, the suspect at large could have ambushed this officer. They say we have hospitality in the south, but I wonder if caring for the fellowman is not greater in the north. You can bet corruption had damaged law enforcement in the south to the point you couldn’t get an officer her in South Carolina to do anything on this level. Boston, be thankful for those you have. They demonstrate the compassion of Christ. Everyday they are also in a battle zone, unfortunately, it is in this country and not on foreign soil. Thank you, Officer Bradley, and all others.

  • Fred

    The Boston bombings really brought out the goodness in so many. When I saw the people cheering on TV, I joined in as well.
    When you get right down to it, we really are one …
    Great going, Boston police and officials.

  • James Hegmann

    Great cops are the norm, not the exception. They should be lionized instead of vilified.

  • D

    Faith in humanity: restored!

    • http://google larry

      Freedom has nothing to do with what happened in Boston in the aftermath of the bombings. The Governor and the people in charge made a wise decision to shut everything down so the culprits would have a more difficult time escaping the net that was inevitably going to catch them. If cars and people were allowed to go about business as usual the chances of the criminals escaping and/or harming more people would have escalated a hundred fold. Very probably some hostage situations, more bombs being thrown, people in the line of fire, any scenario you can imagine may have unfolded. The public willingly cooperated because it was for the good of all of society to cooperate. That’s what makes a society stronger to have the trust of the people and the people in charge of their safety. You might prefer armed citizens out hunting them down with automatic weapons, but I think that would have been a recipe for disaster. Unreasonable search and seizure I believe is part of the phrase from the fourth amendment in the Constitution. I think the Commonwealth acted in a very wise and reasonable manner.

  • K

    This is a 2 sided situation. On 1 side, you have the generosity and caring of the individual officer which is to be commended and applauded. On the other side, you have the fact that a Government authority intimidated and ordered the public to stay indoors and people gladly and without question did so. They willingly gave up their right to come and go as they please because someone who does not have the authority to do so..told them to do it. This is why we will be a complete and total Police state in the very near future because the majority of the public didn’t so much as whimper in standing up for their rights as free citizens of the USA. You can slam me for my opinion if you want but please refer to my opening sentence before doing so. Sadly it’s a fact that “the money shot” of the generous officer is overshadowing the actual context of the situation as to why the entire “milk” event was occurring in the first place.

  • WayneS.

    I think the police are too often taken for granted in many parts of our nation, simple answers to the call to protect during domestic disputes as placed many officers in harms way trying to save one party from the danger brought on by their own better half. When subjected to fierce and unreasonable request from normal people, it’s no whonder police are instilled with dread, but answer the call anyway to uphold some sense of right and justice. Thank You ;).

  • http://yahoo db

    those who would sacrifice their freedom for security deserve neither..

  • http://yahoo db

    those who would sacrifice their freedom for security deserve neither.

    • http://www.webpronews.com Norma

      i dont now what you mean by they deserve neither but if you have a career that an either earn you a living or kill you deserves respect. so kudos to the police officials for risking their life for our safety and freedom

  • norma

    wow restores your faith in humanity. great guy thank you

  • johnnyO

    YAY,,,GO Humanity

  • Theresa E

    Let’s you know that there is still good hearts in this world

  • David G

    Great guy to do this when those people were in need. I am SO glad his department accepted it for what it was: Serve and Protect.

    So many people dis-like the police for various reasons: parking and speeding tickets, DUI, domestic intervention, etc. But imagine if all of those things and more were just okay to do and no repercussions? And take it a step further and imagine our society with no police force!?

    This guy is great!

    • http://www.whitehouse.gov Richard

      No many of us dislike the police for the following reason..Drunk while on duty….having sex in their patrol cars….having sex with a 16 year old in his patrol car….getting drunk at a strip club and flashing his gun at innocent citizens leaving the bar because they were standing talking in the drive way….claiming someone broke into his home and shooting at the suspect (only problem was there was no suspect he just made up the story)…..switching price tags at a Wal-Mart so he could get a discount…speeding at 100+ in his patrol car in order to impress some out of state Firemen he then wrecks his patrol car…and my favorite….flashing his gun after he caused a car accident because the other driver asked for his insurance….these are the reason I can’t trust L/E

      • Dawn

        Every single unfavorable act of behavior that you mentioned is committed by average citizens every single day. Law enforcement officers do not behave this way as a rule. The isolated incidences you have heard of or read about across the country are the acts of idiots who would behave that way regardless of their profession. Cops are not the only people carrying guns.

  • Delana

    God shows up every where. That couple had a baby who was innocent and needed milk. That was the human thing to do since the people couldn’t leave their homes….. Hes my hero

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