Cookie Dough Oreos Will Be Your New Favorite Treat


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It was only a few months ago when researchers were trying to prove that Oreos weren't addictive - but that was before we knew about cookie dough Oreos. The famous cookie brand announced two new flavors hitting the shelves on February 3rd: cookie dough and marshmallow crispy. The cookie dough option will look like a traditional Oreo, with two chocolate cookies filled with a tan creme flecked with chocolate chips. The marshmallow crispy, inspired no doubt by Rice Krispies treats, has two vanilla cookies surrounding a sweet cream filling dotted with rice crisps.

Sound irresistible, huh? While TIME says the new Oreo "doesn't even taste like cookie dough," they also declare it's "better than the original." As for the marshmallow crispy, Chicago tribune says that "Oreos and rice crispy treats on their own make a good combo while snacking. If you put the two together, it could be genius."

Oreo is also running an ad during this Sunday's Grammy's that will reveal a special hashtag and could win you your own pack of sweet treats.

Cookie fans beware, though. Martha White at the Today show writes about the huge caloric jump in these new cookies. "One of the new cookies comes in at 80 calories and 6.5 or 6 grams of sugar," she writes. "That's more than the 53.3 calories and 4.6 grams of sugar of one regular Oreos."

So much for new year's resolutions, eh?

Image via Official Oreo Facebook