Controversial Facebook App Lets Users Become Members of Al-Qaeda

By: Chris Crum - September 30, 2009

Just days after a controversial poll about killing the president ran on Facebook, and attracted an investigation from the secret service, an interesting press release has hit the wires. The release is about a new game, which comes in the form of a Facebook app, and will no doubt draw additional controversy.

The game is called Al Qaeda Wars, and it lets users choose whether to be a terrorist or a counter-terrorist. The Game description says:

The time is now and you must choose a side in a war where each side thinks it is fighting for freedom. Put aside your humanity and enter the never ending battle that will take you around the globe to save or destroy millions of lives. You will have to decide to take the role as the Counter Terrorist Officer to save the world or fight as the Terrorist you secretly want to be. Unlock the Jihads, and take note to watch what and whom you will be asked to save and destroy, including your friends. There are no simple choices. These are the Al Qaeda Wars.

Here is an image taken from the official site of the game’s creator, Rage On Gaming:

Al-Qaeda Wars

An additional image shows a "U-Bomb" truck (which looks like a U-Haul) heading toward a real image of the Eiffel Tower. The game utilizes Google Maps, allowing users to zoom in on specific locations while launching attacks. Characters (or targets, rather) in the game have names like "Ronal Frump," "Pest Hilton," and "Simon Scowl."

Rage On Gaming says this is its first Facebook app, and warns that it’s "not suitable for everybody" because of dramatic violence. This should go over well.

Chris Crum

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    it’s not a good idea to have games like this. We should teach peace to our game lovers instead of teaching them terrorism. Facebook should immediately close this application. What do you say guys ?

  • Guest

    yeah i would play that and be a terrorist