Contestants Angry Over “Biggest Loser”, Twitter Reaction

    February 22, 2012
    Shawn Hess
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Recently NBC announced a secret twist on their hit show, ‘Biggest Loser’ where celebrities compete to see who can shed the most excess pounds. The show’s producers leaked word that it may allow previous contestants to return to the show to compete for the $250,000 grand prize. Immediately the current stars were pissed off! To express their great displeasure they coordinated a walk-off and left the set during filming for the latest episode. According to TMZ, the producers of the show have halted production this week in order to figure out what to do next.

It sounds like another publicity stunt to me. Apparently a representative from the NBC network had no comment on the events. Let’s see what fans are saying on Twitter:

Seems like fans of the show don’t care either way. I guess the main point is to see people drop a lot of weight. The money is just there to motivate them. I like seeing what happens after they leave the show and they are no longer motivated to diet and exercise. Hello fatso!

  • Darlene Armstrong

    I can’t believe grown people could act like that. It was very disgusting. Think they should all go home. They don’t deserve what you are doing for them.

  • Jax

    This doesn’t surprise me. All the contestants left were all ass holes. They’ve done this is previous seasons, in fact they did it last season so the contestants need to stop acting like babies and get over it. None of them deserve to be there at this point with the way they’ve behaved.

  • RAB

    The casting of this show is the worst yet! I’m sure every fan of the show, including myself would be happy to have these contestants leave the show in exchange for bringing back those that have left earlier in the season. This group of people are more concerned about bullying one another in order to win the $250,000. None of the contestants left are deserving of the title Biggest Loser. Getting rid of this bunch of hateful, whining jackasses is the only way I’ll watch another episode. I have watched from the beginning for one reason..to see people get motivated to turn their lives around, change their bad habits and improve their health. This is the first season since the beginning, in which I can truly say I’m not rooting for anyone. The biggest tragedy would be if Conda or her brother wins in the end. That sends a very negative message and ends the season in the same tone it has carried thus far. I hope the producers stick to this plan. Those pathetic little fat head cases may not like it, but the viewers would LOVE it!

    • ???????????? fay broyles

      I agree with you 100%. I have watched every show since it started but this year has been pathetic.

    • Edy

      I couldn’t agree more. This is the worst season ever. Maybe they are having too many seasons or the producers are not doing a good job interviewing the contestants before they pick them. I have watched Biggest Loser since the first season and the contestants used to be lovable, positive and they really liked each other. This season is about negativity, bullying, game playing and overall just a horrible group of people. This show has gone really really down hill. I haven’t even watched the last couple episodes and when I read the re-caps, I was glad I hadn’t watched. Bob even acts different this season. It’s all over but the crying.

    • Pat

      I’ve watch this show from the very beginning, but this season is the absolute worst. The producers should shut it down and start over. These are the most pathetic contestants they’ve ever had and Conda tops the list. I’m not wasting my time on any more of this seasons’ shows. Hopefully next season will be better. If not, I’ll change the channel again. Finally, GET BACK TO BEING ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT AND STOP ALL OF THIS PETTY BULL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lisa

      I agree also. I have not like Conda or her brother from the beginning of the show. Any view can tell by watching that it is Conda who is causing all the drama in the house. If she were gone things would be much better. Here they have this wonderful opportunity to change their lives and all they can do is bitch and moan.

      • Betty Fortunato

        I agree with you. Conda is the type that has to keep everyone in termal. I hope the wise up and vote her off the show.

  • Primmie

    What in hell is going on? People are supposed to go to the ranch and lose weight and not act like spoiled brats. Conda and Kim are the biggest brats there. Will not watch anymore because I have enough drama and chaos in my life just trying to live through the (Obama) years. I would also say get a different host other than Allison Sweeney. All she likes to do is keep things going,with her and Conda and Kim your show is suffering big time.

    • ???????????? fay broyles

      This comment is right on target.My son has lost more at home than those pathetic losers are doing with all the help.

  • ???????????? fay broyles

    This show started out as a great show. My son even tred to get on it but the way it has turned out I am glad he did not make it. Worse show since it started. Conda ia trouble making gossip. She needs to be gone.

  • susan

    No surprise here….they are the most obnoxious contestants the show has ever had. I am sure none will keep their weight off, they haven’t learned one thing being there. Such a shame for people who really want the help!

  • Had Enough

    They should just shut this whole 2012 season down and start over with contestants that act like adults. I have watched the show from season one and this is the WORST season ever for Biggest Loser (I think you have lost viewers by the thousands). I can see why they might want to bring other contestants back. Most of the contestants they have left act like whiny bad mannerd grade school kids. I can’t believe the show would even put up with a person like Conda. Her childish behavior has ruined the whole season for the viewers. No one really cares about this seasons contestants anymore. In seasons past we would be pulling and rooting for the contestants to lose weight and reach there goal, but this season the contestants don’t seem to be serious about losing weight they are more into letting Conda bring them down to her level and childish behavior. Seasons past has had strong contestants. This is the biggest bunch of whimps I have ever seen.
    Next Season screen your contestants better and leave the Condas at home.

  • terry

    Conda is the most evil of people on the planet and the show is losing viewers because of this cast of characters that remain. Its sad to see others lose their own voice and ethical boundaries to the bullies of the world. These people need help from a head doctor.

  • Albert

    HELLO NBC!!! You’re losing viewers because of your horrible choice in “casting” people like Conda and Kim. I say the word “casting” because that’s what the producers do. The producers wean thru thousands and thousands of audition tapes and pick various personality types to put together in the house, and put them thru the training.

    I understand you want to “cast” colorful people with great stories and interesting personalities, but you’d always been VERY good about “casting” very likable and friendly people that most everyone could identify with.

    On all the previous seasons (with the exception of a person here or there), the people that were cast were all very inspirational and extraordinarily likable. You watch the show because there are so many different people with amazing stories whom you root for. Each week, when a person is sent home, you would always cry a few tears, because each and every person deserved the chance to be on the show.

    But that’s not the case anymore. You now have “cast” two horrible people, and 12 weak-minded followers. I have watched the past several weeks with mounting bile and anger, watching the last vesitges of class and dignity being voted off, only to be left with two narcissistic bullies, and 12 lemmings.

    I don’t watch the Biggest Loser for this sort of conflict that Conda and Kim have brought to the show. Having lost 120 lbs myself back in college, and having fought the battle my entire life to keep it off, this was the one show I really identified with and found inspiration from.

    Not anymore. I will not be watching another episode this season, because I don’t like coming away from your show angry and bitter.

    You’ve lost a viewer. The Biggest Loser this season? NBC.

    • Pat

      Albert, first I’d like to say congratulations on your amazing weight loss. Secondly, I totally agree with everything that you’ve said. NBC has lost me as a viewer also.

    • Tracie

      I have to totally agree with the comments above. My family and I have watched this show from the beginning because I believe it was very inspirational however this season is terrible. These contestants were lucky to be chosen to be on the show as millions are waiting to get on however they chose to behave like spoiled immature brats. Conda,Kim and Mark should all be ashamed of themselves for the bullying that America has witnessed. The producers should have pulled the plug on them immediately and I think the viewers may have stayed tuned in. Bring back Jillian to call them out for what they are.

  • Vikki

    The Biggest Loser has always been an uplifting show. This season I feel so disgusted. How on earth is there not a policy against bullying? How has it NOT been addressed? We expect this kind of behavior on the Real Housewives, not on The Biggest Loser. Shame on the producers and trainers for allowing bad behavior to dominate the season instead of weight loss and inspiration.

  • Jodi

    I started watching this show after I had gained 100 pounds with a pregnancy. I took me 18 months to lose the weight (and I eventually restarted to run and have completed 6 full marathons). Sadly, this show has turned so negative and even racist (I’m lily white, and I see the racism plain as day) that I no longer have any desire to watch it. The producers have largely ignored the outcry and have done some tricky editing to make the drama more and they have highlighted the negativity. No one wants that. Biggest Loser is not only losing viewers, it’s losing credibility. Let this group of people leave, scratch this season and start over again. Furthermore, donate the money to a food bank, or go to a poor neighborhood and teach people the right way to eat. I know that I’m not watching the show unless I hear that this group is fired, and I’ll even go as far as to Boycott BIggest Loser products– including the gym that’s near me that’s a sponsor of Biggest Loser, I won’t buy video tapes, the cookbooks, or the frozen meals sold at the commissary. I encourage others to do the same– speak with your wallets.

    • Gisele

      Ditto Jodi! Stopped watching after the treatment of Adrian…WOW watched this show for inspiration but this year too much bullying, etc. NBC lost ALOT of viewers….

  • http://Yahoo Adrienne

    Its not right the people are not very nice people. The bullying is wrong! Is that we want to teach people around here? I don’t think so

  • http://Yahoo Adrienne

    Sorry I meet is that what we want to teach people around here? I don’t think so.

  • Patricia Lynn

    I have to say I am disappointd in The Biggest Loser. Although I am not overweight, my daughter is and has been struggling with her weight since she was 5. It is so difficult to have a conversation with a family member about this subject without hurting their feelings or being destructive instead of constructive.

    Biggest Loser has allowed us to talk about this subject with positive results. We have even laughed about eating ice cream while we watch. She joined weight watchers for a while and has a more realistic idea of a healthy body instead of the weight she wears, or does not wear. The Biggest Loser gave her the confidence to go inside a gym and even join the tennis team. It was so possitive. But not this year.

    She doesn’t watch. She has better things to do. I think it is that horrid Conda and how everyone was so mean to the light blue team. She’s had enough bullying in her life. She doesn’t need to relive it. I think the show has forgotten how inspiring it was for others and is now more interested in “reality show” antics. I am sorry to see this happen.

  • laura

    I say let this cast of ALL EXCUSES ” STAY HOME THEN. BIG THREAT BY STUPID PEOPLE. This has been the hardest season ever to watch. Especially red team. let me guess Conda (the aniconda )started this mess. here is a suggestion to the contestants. If you are off the ranch take some time and watch this season then see who your biggest enemy was this season after yourselves it is your little chump CONDA
    This brat needs a reality check

    • mark14612

      Good-bye Condra! Let her and the others go home and bring back all the voted off contestants.

  • Liz

    You idiots…they are doing you a huge favor!! Do you know how much this would cost?? You act like spoiled brats. Also, Deer Slayer holding Bambi…fat witch…so you got fat eating deer well jolly ho!! I get hunting and all that, but its not something that anyone really needs to hear. You look like a moose anyhow!!! Disgusting…I just don’t want to hear people brag about killing, slaughtering and eating what they hunt. I dont advertise what I eat..little consideration please….

  • Kimberly

    Without a second thought ,LET THEM WALK .Bring back all of the voted off contestants. Conda is the Devil in disguise , and have all those Adults warped around her FAT ass Finger.

  • Pat

    Wouldn’t it be fun to let the remaining people walk off and bring back all of the people already voted off to finish off this season? Conda is a truly vile human being.

  • Kimberly

    That should say , warped around her finger .

  • Norma DiVanni

    I am totally discusted with Condo & her followers. It almost makes me quit watching this show altho I have followed it since it began. If those crybabies want to quit, good riddance. They are cruel to the bone & I hope they all lose. I would hate to see someone as hateful as Condl win.

  • nonnisark

    I think Bob should tell those pieces of crap that he’s not going to even waste his time trying to train them anymore when they go and eat like pigs to throw the weigh-in. Last night’s show was the absolute worst. I was all worked up when it ended. Shouldn’t come away from what is supposed to be an inspirational show all jacked out of shape. That bitch Conda has got to go. I feel sorry for her kid. What a freaking example she has for a mother. Good God. Wretched.

  • El

    Amazing opportunity to win me back as a viewer. So what they walked best thing that could’ve happened. Replace them with contest sent home already. The show was one I dreaded missing but as of last show if the evil childish crew returns…..it’s been good in the past but I’m done.

  • ray

    I agree . Not going to watch any more. discusting End the show now. It will make a lot of us happy.

  • Sue Bowie

    I have watched the show since the beginning, but after last nights show I was actually disgusted. These people aren’t there to lose weight they are there to “play the game” and get the money ! I won’t watch any more this season. I say fire the whole bunch and start over with decent people

  • Primmie

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Conda and Kim have ruined this show. Seeing these blogs here only till me that Conda is a loser but nothing will be done because the crap that Conda peddles makes more sick people watch. What I want to know is where is Rev. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson? After black balling Daphnes brother for nothing more than she just didn’t like him is racist. Calling him names is just juvenile but then look we’re talking about.

  • pat higgins

    I have always looked forward to the biggest loser, I have watched every season. I went to bed last night so I wouldn’t see all the drama. I can’t believe the producers allow this crap to go on. I can’t stand to even look at Conda or Kim they are so negative and poor sports. Kim especially always has a sneer on her face she doesn’t deserve to be on this show. I really liked daphne and her brother they did not deserve to be treated like they were. Conda and Kim acted like they had no right to return to the show which is alot of Bull—–.

  • Marie

    Horrible season! Let AMERICA choose the contestants next season!!!!

  • LUBE

    After watching last nights show, I am repulsed by the way the black team threw the weigh in. I’m sure it was Conda’s idea. I can’t believe the black team didn’t have enough back bone to do the right thing and vote off the real problem, Conda. I was also surprised at the trainers, jumping on Daphany the way they did. Shame on them. Miss nasty, nice kim smiling when Dahney gained the one pound. This seasons contestants are pathetic. I don’t like negative people. I was so livid after watching the show. Will not watch the rest of this season.

    • Miss M!

      Of course it was Conda’s idea. Emily even said as much during her interview after her weigh in. She said that she was disgusted with herself for going along with it and that she wouldn’t allow Conda to sabotage her weight loss ever again. Just threw the bitch under the bus! HA!

  • http://Www.webpronews.com/contestants-angry-over-biggest-loser-2012... Dds

    I also agree….disgusting fat whiners & that is actually why they are fat….whine & eat when they don’t get their way. I would love to be in this program learning to eat healthy & exercise properly under the supervision of professionals. These whiners don’t realize what an opportunity they have been given!

  • marilyn

    I have been weatching this show since the beginnng and have always been inspired at the the end of each episode, but this season is horrible. There has been been blatant racism and discrimination on a show that is supposed to be about the rise of the underdog. Conda is a bad seed and she has poisoned the rest of the cast.Let these primadonnas leave and replace them with the ousted cast members.How is the nwtwork allowing this show to be ruined?

  • Alexis

    I agree in letting them quit and bringing back the eliminated contestants. This has been the most immature bunch of contestants I have seen since I started watching the show. How disrespectful to Bob to throw a weigh in. I say send the current on ranch contestants home, forfeiting any money, and start all over with the eliminated contestants.

    • Buffy

      The guy that had to go home, lost more weight than ever! then went on the road, hawaii, and whitehouse, and still killed it should just get the prize, then look at all the rest of the contestants this season and give the next prize to… you know NBC knows the alliance, and they know that Conda, who doesnt give a crapless bout losing weight and more bout the money, knows they are going to be embarrassed after her big ass wiggles her fat ass into winning the show..while the runner up is the biggest loser!!! No wonder NBC announced Bob might not be coming back, they knew this season sucked worse than the one with the nurse and the narcistic husband played them a few years ago…

    • Buffy

      Let them quit and bring back the last 6 eliminated… with the exception of Chris and Santa.. how stupid of a man was that, that was so jealous of his wife being sooo close, and friggin weak was she for binging. dumbasses!

  • Jan

    This season is truly disgusting. Why has NBC allowed that Conda b&&&h to bully the others. She is one evil person. If I wanted to watch bullying and hatred I’d watch bad girls club. These people aren’t there to loose weight it’s all about the money. Why would you gain weight on purpose? I think the trainers should have stopped Conda and Kim from ruining the show. They didn’t in my opinion they promoted it. Conda has been the star of the show from day one. The trainers babying her. She’s a mother. That poor child of hers. Stop the show get decent people who want to improve their lives.

  • Jan

    Oh yes. It was very racist. That was so obvious. What a sham.

  • Carla Howard

    I agree with all the previous comments. I was curious so I searched on the Internet to see if other people felt llike me. Conda and Kim are the worst, they are negative and bullies. I read an interview with Bob and even he called them bullies. The B.L. has always been uplifting and positive and I’ve always cheered for everyone to be successful. This season is a disgrace and if I wanted to watch a bunch of vindictive, evil, nasty, argumentative, bullies then I would turn to a local cable channel and watch those. Unfortunately, this season’s B.L. Is not family friendly nor adult friendly and I am truly embarrassed that those participants are not mature enough to realize how fortunate they are to have the opportunity. I am pretty sure they’re a million other people who would love the opportunity to get healthy.

    • Veronica

      I so agree with everything you said, poor Adrian and Daphne never stood a chance because of Conda and Kim. And even that Mark had his hand in claiming Adrian was “playing the game”, yet he looses what 2 pounds a week. My only favorite contestants were Santa, Emily and Cassandra.. The show definately should have made some adjustments.

  • Terri

    I stopped watching the show two weeks ago. I have enough drama in my real life! I watched Biggest Loser to be inspired but this season has been anything but. If the show isn’t canceled, it needs a serious overhaul and new people to screen potential cast members. Not all fat people are pathetic losers. There are plenty of people who could benefit from the show and give good “TV” without the deadly drama.

    Get a clue Biggest Loser producers!

  • Kay

    I hope they do quit and go home! I’m so sick of Conda and Kim. They are huge bullies and cry babies. If I have to look at Conda’s smirking face one more week, I’ll scream. I feel sorry for her kid growing up with such an immature and bullying mom. Poor Daphne never stood a chance. Conda and Kim think they are in charge of the show! Get rid of them!!! So ungrateful!

  • Christine Miller

    After watching the Biggest Loser faithfully for years, I’m done – at least for this season. Who picked these contestants? Did they have to excel in acrimony? Where’s the love and mutual encouragement that kept me watching in the past? I was rooting for Santa, Adrian, and Daphne. Naturally they were voted off. My sympathy to the trainers.

  • http://yahoo delores

    are these people really that stupid they can’t figure out conda
    she is the biggest b that has ever been on the show

  • Dump Conda

    NBC won’t dump Conda because she is generating talk about the show. Tell the sponsors that if NBC doesn’t clean up these dirt bags they have for “contestants” then expect people not to buy their products.

    • Buffy


  • Sam

    I have been a fan of the Biggest Loser since the 5th Season and I am APPALLED by season 12. The contestants are negative, toxic, especially Conda. My husband and I have stopped watching the show completely, the people on this show now are true examples of the nastiest examples of human society. Then on top of that you add in the tension and the “competition” between Bob and Dolvett…REALLY! The show has completely lost its way and the message has been muddied, soiled and left to decay. I do not deal with people like Conda in my life and it disgusts me that these people clearly do not deserve to be there. Way to go NBC…really good job a mucking a great thing up!

  • Daisy and Joe

    Why are Conda and Kim still there? I hope the ratings go way down because of these two, that way Biggest Loser gets some sense knocked into them about having such evil b*tches on the show. Well they’re actually all bad now, but conda and kim take the prize. These contestants don’t even play fair. Aren’t they supposed to eliminate the person losing the least weight? Then why were all the previous contestants like Adrian, Daphne, Santa Clause, etc voted off if they were losing a lot of the weight? This show officially sucks and they’ve just lost more viewers over here.

    Biggest loser, you need to get it together!!!!

  • Sharry

    Biggest Loser worst show of the season. I stop watching once the losers treated the black sister and brother like SH_T

    • Buffy

      Im with you on that, and from the beggining the brother too… but she didnt want it as bad as he did!!! Bring him back as a contender!! Not other season’s contestants NBC, just to keep your asses from getting embarrassed when Conda’s ass wins the 250 and she’s fat as hell! and the runner up is the one who is the real biggest loser! that’s the twist!!!!

  • Kelly

    This is not a new twist. If I recall correctly, Ali Vincent was eliminated the season she became Biggest Loser. If they ever watched the show in the past, they would know it was about the twists. The majority of this season’s contestants are whiny babies and there is no amount of weight that they could lose to make their personalities palatable. It is a shame they sent Chism home. He was one of the few that seemed genuine.

    • Buffy

      Chism, Mark, Jeremy, and Conda… they all wanted the final 4 together…!!! He was just as bad as Jeremy and Conda!!

    • Buffy

      Its not a new twist, but they could at least use this season’s players, if they wanna bring back former contestants, why dont they have a former contestant reunion..!!! Starting back 13 years!!

  • Daniel

    I liked to watch The Biggest Loser to reinforce what I’ve learned about diet and exercise. Also, it has been a great show to learn more and share in the success of the contestants with their trainers.
    That was the past. Those good days are gone and the show has been replaced with spoiled brats that don’t give a crap about learning about themselves or about good health! Conda is the icing on this cake, highlighting everything that is wrong with this season’s production.
    Having just finished watching the Hawaii episode, I found myself repulsed with Conda getting another guaranteed week on the show, mainly by cheating and manipulation. Call it ‘game play’ if you will, but it reinforced by belief that this show is doomed.
    I was inspired by Kim, watching her change week after week for the better. Kim, you have another supporter.

  • Veronica

    OMG, I’m so glad to see so many other people see the same thing as I do about Conda… she is the biggest shit starter and should’ve been kicked off a long time ago..

  • Buffy

    I’ve watched Biggest loser since the first season.. i’ve learned so much from the early shows, and i’ve recently became very fond of Delvet…. And was fond of Anna last season.. Bob was always a favorite, but this season he has been as crazy as Conda, and Jeremy makes me sick the way this guy, her brother, saves her. Kim, Mark, and the guy with the hurt leg, and who just had a baby, and lost weight on the road to the whitehouse, and the first to hit 100 lbs… were my favorites… but that dude for sure should have won this competition all the way around, it seems to me that he does better at home anyway… Conda and Jeremy need to go home… and if NBC is bringing back a few people from this season, like the black dude, noone would give a chance, Santa was so dumb for wanting his woman to come home with a couple weeks to go… so him and Chris are idiots… and NBC, you people must be out of your damn minds to bring people back from past years…. bring on the biggest couple losers who worked hard at home to compete… NBC sure screwed last season’s final bringing back the lovebird, and now screwing up the show completely! BOB, DELVET… Start yall’s own show on a different network! I’m sure Oprah would love to have yall on OWN.. Losing it with BOB and Delvet… NBC, why do you all have to bring former contestants back? why dont you just do a former contestant show on its own, and get a super high rating… and just go ahead and give that guy with the new baby the money… caz when he gets home, he’s gonna kill it anyway… and wth is Conda there for? At least Kim seems sincere, and Mark told her in Hawaii that he would never write her name down, and now, they know… NBC is so tired of Conda you have to bring former contestants back to beat her? Hell, give a couple of the ones who have lost the most weight the chance of this season… Bob, you got chemistry with Delvet, so go to Oprah.. tel her buffy wants yall to have this show called “losing it with Bob & delvet!’!

  • Michelle

    As a family, we used to watch BL every week for the positive messages about exercise, nutrition and how people can creatively and honestly solve problems and interact with each other. But I think the show jumped the shark around season 4 — suddenly it was hip for the show’s trainers to use foul language and for adults to act like misbehaving children. Not the kind of thing you want your own children to watch. If none of these things were enough — this season we get to watch as our noble White House is reduced to a personal gym. Deplorable. But what the heck! It is NBC, after all. I think NBC really got it right on the title of the show, except they forgot the “s” in “Loser”.

  • Kristie

    I Agree with the idea that it’s nasty. Most seasons there is one or two people playing the game and the rest are there to support each other. I don’t however blame BL producers. I think Conda and Jeremy had a plan. I think they are evil. Yes I mean true hell beasts. If I lived in the same town as them I would leave a building if they entered. I ask this how many people would want there kid playing with Conda’s little girl? I mean really you would have to deal with Conda. I say to Conda “WAKE UP!! This effects your child. No one wants there child near a bully so to advoid you you child will pay the price.” As for the rest Chism got with Jeremy and showed he was no better. Mark followed Chism down the dark side and Buddy is just following behind so he stays off the radar I think He is really there to get healthy. Everyone is also against Kim but she is not that differant from some past contestants. Yes she was disgusting towards the aqua team. I don’t think she is evil I think she is mad and upset. Scared and she turns all her pent up angry she feels for her self into anger and aqua fell in when she really needed a target. As like in past seasons we are seeing that under the hard shell lies a real and nice person. I think just like mark saw the light of what they were doing to Kim, Kim also saw the light. Only for her it came to late. I think had Daphane stayed Kim would have apologized for everything she put her brother through. I think she will watch the show see how she acted and never go back to how she was. Conda will watch and say some line like No I’m not proud of everything I did but I did what I had to for my child I was there to make a better life for me and my child and I did what I had to to take home the prize. Bottom line Conda is EVIL.

  • Chrystal

    If the show contestants act like this again I will never watch this season again!

  • Tyler

    Ive been watching this show for many years and This Season BY FAR has been the Worst Ever! Almost all the Contestants are Brats, Jerks, and only care about themselves (in a bad way). So ready for this season to End! “Don’t Care who Wins at all” lol and Biggest Loser you need to look into getting better people if you want most of us who really love this show to start watching again.