Content-creating Consumers and Big Success Stories

    December 12, 2006

Younger, participation-minded consumers will eventually dominate all of the online space, says trendwatching.

One of my favorite sites is

Their December issue is online now with an interesting web 2.0 prediction for 2007:

GENERATION C(ONTENT) is turning into GENERATION C(ASH). Revenue and profit-sharing is going to be one of 2007’s main themes in the online space, says the report. This trend is about consumers expecting, if not getting used to, being rewarded for their input and their output. A totally different world from the one many brands still inhabit.

How to capitalize on this trend:

Figure out what content your brand now does in-house, (or outsources to expensive professionals) that could be produced by your customers/evangelists or other consumers. Offer them good rewards for their creation. Place this content on your site and syndicate it with an RSS Feed.


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