Content Blog or Syndicate blog: Which Is Yours?

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Blog content is written in various ways. Content blogs, and reblogging or syndicate blogs, are receiving a fair bit of discussion among various business blog commentators.

Darren Rowse at Pro Blogger presented the idea of the blog types. Paul Short at BlogLogic has picked up the theme. Discussion of those two posts continued at Chrispian Burk’s Nothing To Say blog.

In general, the discussion revolves around whether to write original content or to find other blog posts and add your own comments on them.

Most bloggers use both techniques at one time or another. Many blogs will include more reblogging and commenting of other blog posts. Other blogs will lean more heavily on original columns, how to articles, and opinion pieces.

Like most bloggers, I provide both types of posts.

In general, my most popular and most heavily commented posts are my original content columns. Since I try to provide helpful information on SEO, marketing, business management, business blogging, and public relations, much of what I write is my own creation.

On the other hand, I also write about business and blogging topics that are being discussed in the blogosphere. That is what I am doing today, as a matter of fact.

This is a reblogging post on reblogging and original content.

Because there is really very little under the Sun that is truly new or unique, all posts are reblogs in the strictest sense.

I would say that the best definition of reblogging or syndicate content would be if a post comments on another blogger’s post, information, or ideas then it’s a reblogging or syndicate blog post.

If the material is written from original research or knowledge not currently discussed in the blogging community, then it’s original content.

Of course, many variations and exceptions are likely to be found.

In fact, I believe there are many more blogging categories than simply the two currently under discussion.

In any case, write the blog posts with which you are most comfortable.

Write the posts that provide the most value and information to your readers.

If you keep your readers in mind, you won’t ever go wrong.

Readers Comments…

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Content Blog or Syndicate blog: Which Is Yours?
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  • http://www.currenteventswatch.com Doug Robertson

    You’re right, that in the strictest sense, pretty much all content is reblogging. But that’s really not so much different than mainstream media. The big (and even not-so-big) media outlets simply put their own twist on what everyone else is talking about, too. Actually, often they don’t even put their own twist on it, come to think about it … I can read the exactly same article, word for word, on any number of dot-coms. At least we bloggers, even if reblogging, always add own two cents to the topic at hand. The beauty of blogging.

  • http://www.internet-marketing-tool.co.uk/icontentrobot/icontentrobot-review.html Lewis

    Original Content is an age old problem and there are a lot of “article spinners” out there that create pure junk that makes no sense.
    There is a new program called iContentRobot that is due to launch in March 2008… details are a bit thin on the ground at present but check this out==>
    Best wishes

    • http://www.icontentrobot.org Lewis

      Further to my last post here on 25th Feb… I have been REALLY impressed with the iContentRobot, I’m now an official beta tester and have full access to it.

      I like it so much I bought him his own domain name now! =0>

      Come on down and watch the very first insider video that has been produced and check out what this word powerhouse does!

      The paint is still wet on the robot, there has been no prices set as yet for the launch, and there is nothing to buy right now but I have been assured that I can get anyone in that I refer at a real exclusive price!

      Anyways, come on over to the iContentRobots Crib =0> and check him out

      Heres your link ==> http://www.icontentrobot.org

      Best wishes


      My main site http://www.internet-marketing-tool.co.uk


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