Consumers Happy With Search And Supermarkets

    August 9, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Supermarkets and search engines tops Harris Interactive’s consumer poll this year, which sought out what industries best served the needs of their customers. Tobacco and oil companies scored the worst, joining airlines, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance, and HMO’s as the biggest overall losers in the past 10 years.

Over the past ten years, just three of the 21 industries measured have seen a positive increase in customer satisfaction, and in the past year, just six did, according to Harris. Fourteen industries went down this year.

Harris polled over 1,000 US adults in July, and adjusted the results according to arrive at a "net positive." For example, 92 percent of those polled said the supermarket industry does a decent job of meeting their needs, compared to eight percent that said they didn’t, leaving a net positive score of 84.

Search engines were second on the list, with a net positive of 77 (84% and 7%). Also high on the positive list were computer hardware companies (64), computer software companies (61), hospitals (58), banks (56), and packaged food companies (55).

 Other industries in the positive:

Car manufactures – 46
Electric and gas utilities – 42
Internet Service Providers – 46
Investment and brokerage firms – 45
Online retailers – 48 (down 8)
Telephone companies – 35 (down 26)
Airlines – 26 (down 40)
Pharmaceutical companies – 21 (down 39)
Life insurance companies – 18 (down 17)

Industries in the negative:

Cable companies —   -1 (down 29)
HMOs —    -20 (down 33)
Health insurance —    -21 (down 34)
Oil companies —    -33 (down 57)
Tobacco companies —   -46 (down 18)