Consumer Watchdog Calls Google Chicken In Second Vid


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Consumer Watchdog's video production department is at it again.  The group, which received all sorts of coverage after portraying Eric Schmidt as an ice cream man with a disturbing leer, has now released a second clip calling Google chicken.

Do you think Google should debate Consumer Watchdog?  Let us know in the comments section.

Set to Carl Orff's dramatic "O Fortuna," the new video is otherwise pretty simple.  Images of a chicken are interspersed with a reference to Google as "the largest ad company in the world," and a line of bold text asks, "Why won't Google debate your privacy with Consumer Watchdog?"

Then the clip equates Google with the chicken and promotes the site  See the whole thing for yourself below.

This ad's meant to run on the Times Square Jumbotron, meaning it could get a lot of attention.  Plenty of onlookers may consider Consumer Watchdog's question a fair one, too, perhaps putting Google in an awkward position.

We should point out that Consumer Watchdog once asked the Department of Justice to consider breaking Google up, though, so it's not exactly the most neutral and evenhanded privacy group in the world.

We'll see where this goes.  Kudos to whoever picked out the great (if ill-matched) music, anyway.

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