Consumer Reports Buys Gawker’s Consumerist

    December 31, 2008
    Chris Crum

Consumer Reports publisher Consumers Union has acquired from Nick Denton’s Gawker Media. will operate independently of Consumer Reports publications, and will reside under a new non-profit entity called Consumer Media LLC.

Consumerist Sold

"We’re delighted to add this vibrant site to our portfolio of information products," said Jim Guest, President and CEO of Consumers Union. "The Consumerist community is passionate about fair retail practices, truth in advertising, product safety, and other topics that Consumer Reports has championed for more than 70 years. The site is a perfect fit for advancing our mission of creating a fair, safe, and just marketplace."

Here’s the plan according to an announcement on the site:

What changes?

– Chris and Carey are back!

– Meghann Marco is promoted to co-executive editor and will reign supreme alongside Ben Popken.

– The only ads will be for Consumer Reports and Consumers Union-related stuff.

– There will be a new privacy policy and user agreement. We will let you know when they’re up and you can check them out.

What doesn’t change?

– Our voice, content, or independence.

– The blog stays free and open, no paid-subscription required.

– You keep your same commenter login and name.

The change in ownership comes right along with the new year, after the site’s three-year run with Gawker. On the surface, it may seem like an attempt to make up for a lack of ground in the online world on the part of Consumer Reports, but they insist that despite current publishing industry challenges, Consumer Reports and have experienced robust growth across print products as well as online during the last seven years. Consumerist gets over 10 million page views a day.