Consumating To Shut Down

    February 15, 2008

If you want to find "people who don’t suck," you’ll soon have to use some site other than Consumating.  The social network/dating resource is scheduled to close on March 15th.

Consumating is, as best we can tell, odd; random, slightly sarcastic, and amusing conversation threads dominate the site.  In certain circles, the combination has become quite popular – check out the 60 responses to a quick announcement of its end.

Consumating To Shut Down

In others, not so much.  A TechCrunch article on the closing has just four comments at the moment.  One of them consists of the word "good," and another reads, "Looking at the number of comments I see why its [sic] joining the deadpool."

It’s likely that this second group of attitudes contributed to Consumating’s end.  Owned by CNET, the site isn’t exactly in line with the company’s other properties, and without enough interest in it (and/or profit from it), some sort of sale, reorganization, or shutdown was bound to happen.

To any Consumating users who are interested in getting info off the site: administrator "Jesse!" wrote, "In a couple weeks we’ll have a way available for you to download a file with most of your profile data, which could theoretically be imported into a similar site.  Details will come when we’re ready to release the exporter."  Otherwise, prepare to abandon ship.