ConnectU Founders Claim Facebook Fight Not Over

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After a false start or two, it appeared that an argument about the founding of Facebook was resolved in 2008, with an out-of-court settlement ending the quarrel between Facebook and ConnectU founders Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.  The Winklevoss twins have now claimed that's not the case, though, implying that more lawsuits might be on the way.

A couple of not-relevant-but-still-interesting-pieces-of-information: the brothers will soon row for Oxford University in the classic Boat Race against Cambridge, and the BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones caught up with them in Christ Church Hall.

Then here's the pertinent quote: with regards to Facebook, Cameron told Cellan-Jones, "I think it is safe to say the chapter is not closed on the matter."

Tyler also added, "It's our duty to stand for principles.  We're willing to wait around and make sure that's what right has been made right."

So Mark Zuckerberg and his team of lawyers may want to prepare for Round Whatever of this long-running dispute.  The matter of who founded Facebook is something that will have to be decided before the company goes public, since shareholders won't want new claimants popping up all the time, and even if that's not an immediate concern, the implication that Zuckerberg stole code doesn't amount to good publicity.