Congressman Wins Award for Dumbest Tweet Following Capitol Shooting

    October 3, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Let’s congratulate Arkansas Congressman Tim Griffin (R) on producing the most ill-timed tweet of the day.

In the moments following this afternoon’s shooting near the U.S. Capitol, Griffin chose to insert a jab at President Obama, Chuch Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi into the mix.

Here’s what Griffin had to say via his personal Twitter account, which only boasts just over 2,500 followers (his official Congressional account has nearly 10,000):

That one’s a screenshot, not an embed, because Griffin eventually deleted the tweet following some harsh backlash.

Way to stick that one in there, Tim.

Griffin later apologized for the tweet…kind of.

The victims and their families are in my thoughts and prayers. The shooting today is a terrible and inexcusable tragedy and an act of terrorism. No one but the shooter is to blame. We are still processing information about this shooting, but as I have been saying for days, we all need to choose our words wisely because violent rhetoric only coarsens our culture, creates an atmosphere of incivility and is not helpful. I tweeted out of emotion but agree that the timing was not helpful.

At the precise moment when shots are being fired outside the Capitol, let’s all agree to shut up about politics, shall we?

  • Amazing

    But the reports are that it wasn’t an act of terrorism. It was a simple police chase. This whole terrorism angle is just over-blown. Either that or we never get the real truth about anything. Perhaps, this Congressman was told something everybody else wasn’t. Who knows?

    Either way. It will all be spun to make the American public afraid.

    Don’t fall for it America. Honestly, you have a better chance of being killed by a street gang member than you do a terrorist.

  • J C

    Tim needs to stay in the cloakroom for his next vote !

  • http://WebProNews David

    I happen to be a constituent of Rep. Tim Griffin. This is just another example of how often he puts his foot in his mouth before he puts his brain in gear. ” #Disgusting ” ??? ” tweeted out of emotion ” ???
    ” Timing ” ??? Mr Griffin action of doing this is just like the Congressman from Texas (today) chewing-out a Park Ranger for doing her job, when the entire situation/shut-down was caused by the U.S. House Republican Party trying to make a political point at the expense of the running of our government and all the employees who are now out of work.
    Their actions are beyond stupid and mean for no other reason but to try to make another political point. The Republican Party needs to get to work, put the government back online, and then DO the business of finding solutions to the problems our country has.

  • http://WebProNews David

    This i another example of Rep. Griffin: His reaction to someone calling him out on what he had tweeted about the shooting”

    @TimGriffinAR2 THAT’s your reaction, seriously? Way to inject personal politics into the situation, asshole.
    1:45 PM – 3 Oct 2013

    Mouth and finger in gear….Brain left outside on the floor in front of the cloakroom!

  • Really

    This country is becoming a laughing stock. Just look at us since 9/11. Things have gone to hell and our politicians are all morons. Morons tweeting stupidity on twitter.

    America it is time for this charade to end. Use your votes to totally clean house. Literally, start over because if things are allowed to continue, we will not have a free country anymore and we will literally transform into a two class society.

    Doesn’t everyone get it yet? We are starting our final decline . The world knows it …. the only fools who don’t are the American brainwashed masses.

  • Kelly

    I am also a constituent of Griffin. All Griffin has done is vote for everything the corporations want. He even voted to cut the budget for food stamps. He does not care in the least for the people struggling to make ends meet. He is even on of the Reps who shelved the “Bring The Jobs Home” bill. The bill that would give corporations tax breaks to bring the jobs back to our country. This bill has been pushed froward by President Obama. that is why they have shelved it. Griffin, along with the other Republicans, do not want President Obama to achieve this bill. That is also why they are doing their damnest to kill the ACA Act.

    • TheMadMan

      Seeing as Griffin is such a “fine, upstanding and caring” individual, I am struggling to understand why he is still in office!!
      For heavens sake!!! A president can be impeached so why is there no mechanism to allow unhappy constituents to “have a vote of no confidence” or something similar when their congressman or representative constantly behave like petulant children or just plain idiots.
      If something like that was in place, you can bet that the government would not be “shut down” right now.
      And the rest of the world laughs!!!

  • You Know

    You know what is so sad, right after the shooting news broke, I had to consider whether anything I was about to read or not was the truth. It seems like every time there is a problem with our government something comes along to distract the people.

    I find it funny that this politician was so quick to diagnose the situation as an act of terrorism even though he didn’t have a clue as to what was going on. He didn’t know any details.

    From here on out, everything that happens in America will be an act of terrorism. You can be a pacifist and be a terrorist (don’t laugh, pacifists were listed by our government as potential terrorist threats).

    This is never going to end.