Congrats to Windows Live Local Team

    February 3, 2006

It used to be a big deal when you got a great review in one of the computer magazines.

It used to be that was the only way you could get people to try your products, but now that we have blogs and a much more efficient word-of-mouth network getting one review is a lot less interesting. That said, it still is very cool when PC Magazine says your stuff is best-of-breed like it did today with the Windows Local Live team.

Mapping is one area where the big three companies are really fighting it out. This year is going to be interesting to watch in this space. I wonder who will do the best at letting bloggers put their reviews right on top of the maps? That’s the next area that’ll get people to switch map services.

The Live Local team has a blog too. Can’t wait to see what they do.

Aside: we need a better name for this service than Windows Live Local. That sure doesn’t make my heart go “pitter patter.” I hate our naming for these things. Think one word. Think easily sayable. Think memeorable. Think unique.

On the other hand, since our team (Seattle Seahawks) are in the Superbowl the Local Live team created a Superbowl map mashup. Try the bird’s eye photography. Really makes using map mashups a lot nicer than the other services that just have a satellite view.

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