Congrats, Racist Stripper, You’re About to Be a YouTube Star!

    June 4, 2014
    Josh Wolford
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There are plenty of disturbing things about the video you’re about to watch. The most obvious and shocking is the blatant racism on display, and the casual nature at which the woman in the video, clearly very upset, slings the word “n*gger” like it’s nothing.

There’s also the issue of the passerbys to consider–most of which decide that they aren’t going to touch this situation with a 39 and a half-foot pole. That’s fair, I guess–she be crazy. But you’d imagine that at least one person would stop and ask her to “chill the f*ck” out or something. Especially…

…in front of her kids. This is probably the worst part of the whole video, which YouTube user IAMOYAB says was taken on May 30th.

“This happened to me last Friday May 30th 2014. I’m more upset that it was done in front of her children. They will have hate and have no idea where it came from,” he says.

Well said.

Of course, it’s also a painfully funny video in a way. Pay close attention to how she uses her profession (or former profession, who knows) to assert dominance in the “argument.”

Clearly a class act. Lucky for her, millions of people are likely to see her classiness in action, as this video has climbed to the tip top of reddit and is racking up views.

Congrats on your newfound fame!

Image via IAMOYAB, YouTube

  • lou380

    how is he the racist? funny dumb redneck racist.lol

  • Barron

    This is reality, and it is sad.

  • Mike Allen

    So instead of just driving away, he stays and videos the skank, not willing to leave until he gets her to holler out the infamous ‘n’ word. Losers, the both of ’em.

    • Andy

      Says the person with nothing better to do than to post comments on randoms news sites.

    • Melanie Wall

      Yes he made her call him that word. I can see clearly how he violently lunged towards her and her children and said “if you don’t call me a ‘n’ while I am videotaping you I will chase you home and slaughter your family. Because, we could all see that she was completely terrified of him.

  • David

    I am so tired of people screaming racism . Sure she used the “N” word. So What. I hear it used freely by “African Americans” (who have been Natural-born U.S. Citizens for at least 3 generations).

    I say she’s Prejudice. She implied she doesn’t like black people (my kids don’t like black people either”). Maybe she’s just insecure. She just met the guy and they got off on the wrong foot. But she hasn’t said anything racist. (like black people are better athelets or asians are better at math). I’d like to see video of what took place before. Did he do anything or was she just startled. The kids did not look upset.
    I think he does just as much to play for a reaction. If he wasn’t looking for racism He might have gone on his way and just laughed “crazy Bi**c” as he drove away.

    I have to ask, If he wasn’t black (assumed from his bitter perspective world around him) would he have time to taunt this woman. He said he doesn’t seiu people but He’s going to file charges.

    Maybe she thinks He’s stalking her. He could be a pedofile video taping her kids…and she’s just being protective. Maybe she’s frustrated cause the black people that come to her club don’t tip as well.
    And what about the background music (in his car). Sure its Hip-Hop but she might have had to stripped to it at work.
    Of course, the guy in the red shirt knows they are both just being stupid, shaking his head at both of them.
    Good thing they’re in NY and not Florida.

    • Nicole

      Any excuse to justify her actions, just shows you go around saying the N word also. You are trying to justify the use of the word.

    • CocoMarie

      Who doesn’t know the n-word is a racial slur?

      • CocoMarie

        Saying she doesn’t like black people is pretty specific towards the race. lol

    • Melanie Wall

      OMG are you really that stupid? How is he taunting her, he is sitting in his car, she can move away from the camera anytime she wants and take her children who she is teaching hatred to with her, I believe that is called child abuse! She called him an offensive name, why can he not address his disgust at her behavior? He is showing some class and not letting somebody get away with that kind asininity without exposure which I think is funny!

      And try a little harder to cover your own prejudice, why don’t you? You want to make some kind of point here that people will respect, exposing yourself as a “white trash toothless loser” (oh wait did I just stoop to your level and how STUPID did that just make me look too!). Oops typo and my backspace button is broken. Sorry about that one. Oh the ignorant and ill-educated, you have to love them! I guess you are needed to balance out those who do have half a brain.

  • FGenta

    Why is the guy baiting her? He is as much to blame as he is. It would be interesting to see what happened before he started filming.

  • MP

    I do not think a person should act that way in front of their children. Usually, children learn certain behaviors from their parents, and she has obviously taught them to hate. That’s utterly disgusting. Yeah, video taping this monstrosity seems a little excessive, but for those of you that do not think racism still exists…welcome to humanity.