comScore: Yahoo Loses "Time Spent" Fight


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June did not go at all well for Yahoo, judging by new statistics from comScore.  In fact, at least in terms of time spent on the company's properties, June was terrible, with Yahoo managing to set a couple of records of the wrong sort.

YahooJay Yarow noted earlier today, "Time spent on Google sites (38.9 billion minutes) was greater than Yahoo (38.8 billion minutes) for the first time."  And the "time spent" measurement was one of the few areas in which Yahoo had an advantage over Google.

Then here's another important detail: Yarow wrote, "As a percentage of total internet time for Q2, Yahoo hit an all-time low, says [Citi analyst Mark] Mahaney."  Which is perhaps especially embarrassing since Yahoo and Microsoft are in the final stages of implementing their search and advertising deal.

So now, the company is of course sure to try to correct the problem, and the good news is that some possible solutions are already available to it.  Yahoo's recent acquisition of Associated Content could prove useful in this respect, for example, and its partnership with Offerpal and integration with Facebook may also come in handy.

We should note that comScore's revelation doesn't exactly have shareholders in a panic, though.  While Google and Microsoft did manage to make bigger gains, Yahoo's stock still rose 0.34 percent today, which put it ahead of the Dow and Nasdaq (which rose 0.18 and 0.09 percent, respectively).

That's a pretty sure sign that not many folks think the financial fate of the company is at risk because of comScore's finding.