ComScore Study : Viewers Aren't Seeing What's Up In Advertising


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As we surf the net we are bombarded with advertisements. Some catch our eyes while others are just simply an annoyance. A lot of the products and services are right in line with what I like, but others have me saying, "what is this, come on, get off my screen!". Like, I'm a young guy, why are advertisers wasting money sending me Viagra campaign stuff.

ComScore is an organization that is dedicated to just this kind of stuff. They put together digital marketing campaigns and measure their effectiveness for all varieties of clients. ComScore recognizes clients need to get better performance out of their campaigns and specifically, the direction of advertisements. Check out what Mike Donahue (EVP, Strategic Partnerships, 4As) is saying about the industry in general:

“One big issue with internet advertising is that not all ads that are served end up being seen. This is a core issue raised by the Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) initiative. In order for marketers to have the same confidence in the digital channel as they do in TV, we need measurement around the visibility of ads".

ComScore has found, in a recent comprehensive study that over 30% of online display ads may be missed by viewers altogether. Also they found as many as 15% of campaign ads were delivered to viewers outside of the planned initiative. That explains why I am viewing advertisements for viagra and hair conditioner (I don't have any hair!).

Yesterday ComScore Introduced 'Validated Campaign Essentials (vCE)', a Holistic Measurement tool for verifying the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and their subsequent targeting tactics. They are using the word holistic to get at the increased dimensions they have added to the campaign tracking.

To summarize the whole affair, The new tool (vCE) will allow ComScore to track a campaigns effectiveness by viewing the demographics of where the ads are being delivered, where they are positioned within a page, who's viewing them, and where they can be better placed and at what time. Surprisingly, it seems this information was never assembled and delivered to clients in this capacity before.

Well thanks ComScore, I look forward to more properly targeted ads in the future!