ComScore: Paid Click Drop Doesn’t Doom Google

By: WebProNews Staff - February 29, 2008

Frantic speculation that a softening economy may be causing Google’s paid click numbers to suffer should be taken back a notch.

Though it was their report, cited at Bear Stearns and Citigroup, that caused the speculation,

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  • Wilber

    Google is going down the tube!  There are less paid clicks because there are  way less people using Adwords. 

    Who uses adwords anyway?  Quality score is too much of a hassle.   Adwords is a turn off.  Yeah, much excitement until they raise your keyword price a day or two later.  You fix your site and still is not good enough.  They want to make you a slave.  To sell a $15 item, you have to pay $50/click or more!

    I say to Google boys to buy Peptobismol.  Yahoo has never looked this good and lately Microsoft is out and barking real hard!  Bill is pissed and you don’t want to get Bill pissed. 

  • webdev77

    There is a new breed of Internauts roaming the Internet…

    People click on AdSense. Publishers talk too much about AdSense. People now apply for AdSense. People once in the market for clicks are now sellers and hoping for clicks.

    Plus people now know that the top SERP placed results are ads and don’t want to click on them because they’ve seen enough commercials already.