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    November 28, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The announcement of the launch of MobileWeb Metrix from comScore and telecom consumer research firm Telephia revealed a few websites, like Gmail, reach more people through mobile handsets than via PCs.

ComScore and Telephia disclosed their new project, which aims to address the need for quality measurements of usage of websites from mobiles. Their announcement of the MobileWeb Metrix of mobile and PC reach for sites arrived with a look at September 2006’s “Top Web Sites Ranked by Mobile-to-PC Reach Index (U.S.).”

Weather forecasts were on the mind of many of those measured mobile visits, with AccuWeather topping the first report. ESPN placed second by reach, while The Weather Channel and Yahoo! Weather trailed closely behind the Worldwide Leader in Sports.

Gmail rounded out the top five, with a mobile reach that presently exceeds that of its PC reach. Right after Gmail came CitySearch, the only other site to have a greater mobile reach among its visitors. Here is a table showing the top 15 sites ranked by mobile-to-PC reach from MobileWeb Metrix:

Web site % Mobile
% PC
AccuWeather 7.5 1.7 435
ESPN 17.9 9.4 190
The Weather Channel
22.1 12.7 174
Yahoo! Weather 9.0 5.7 157
Gmail 6.7 5.6 119
CitySearch 7.8 7.3 107
CNN 11.5 14.1 82
Yahoo! Games 9.3 12.0 78
Yahoo! Mail 29.4 44.4 66
Yahoo! Driving Directions 7.2 11.6 62
MSN Hotmail 15.3 26.6 57
AOL Mail 13.7 24.0 57
MapQuest 13.2 27.8 48
Yahoo! Search 11.1 43.8 25
Google Search 13.0 56.7 23
*Note: Mobile-to-PC Reach Index for a Web site is defined as the site’s reach among mobile Web users divided by its reach among PC-based Internet users. Source: MobileWeb Metrix

Yahoo demonstrated it has grabbed plenty of attention on the mobile platform. Five of their services ranked in the MobileWeb top 15, and Yahoo Search nudged ahead of Google Search too.

AOL took a couple of places with its Mail and MapQuest services. Though Google only had Gmail and Search among the top 15, that was one better than Microsoft, which only placed Hotmail in the group.

CNN’s steady pace toward making its site more friendly to the web has been matched by its mobile advances. was the only true news site making it into the top 15 list here.

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