Compiere ERP Selected For Software 2006

    March 22, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The highly selective Sand Hill Group has chosen Compiere as one of the twenty featured companies at its Software 2006 conference.

Out of the over 100 companies considered for the Software 2006 conference, taking place April 4th and 5th in Santa Clara, CA, the Sand Hill Group selected twenty, five in each of four categories: Enterprise Software, New Media, Open Source, and Security.

Compiere made the cut, as did the Blinkx video search engine and thin computing manufacturer Wyse; Google and Yahoo have been reportedly chatting with Wyse about producing hardware for the two search engine powers-that-be.

In the Open Source category, Compiere will make a presentation at the conference, as will the other selected companies. The other open source presenters will be Collabnet, Digium, Ingres, and Zimbra.

Many small and medium businesses have taken advantage of the benefits of open source software. The multi-platform Compiere ERP & CRM package may be obtained freely from the company’s website.

Like many other companies that have built themselves around an open source package, like Red Hat and MySQL, Compiere offers various services like installation and support as for-pay extras.

Compiere’s functionality includes accounting, customer & partner management, supply chain management, and inventory & fixed asset management.

The company also developed the software to support “multi’s”, which permits the designation of sharing and privacy for information across levels of an organization, for example. They also permit handling multiple currency transactions, accounting standards, and tax systems.

Interested users can learn more at one of Compiere’s online events, including overviews of the ERP product.


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David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.