Compete: Yahoo Gains A Little In Search

    May 23, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Several consecutive months of declines in US search market share per Compete’s measurements finally halted for Yahoo in April 2008.

Good news for Yahoo by way of analytics firm Compete: they cited 14.8 percent market share for Yahoo for last month.

It’s been a year since Yahoo held close to 20 percent of the US search market by Compete’s reckoning. Their share gyrated up and down from April to August 2007, when Yahoo held 18.8 percent. From September 2007 on, Yahoo’s share declined bit by bit for the next few months.

After Compete recorded a low of 14.5 percent for Yahoo search share in March 2008, they cited a rise for Yahoo in April, finally reversing the downward spiral.

“Yahoo! query volumes increased roughly 1.3% to push market share up to 14.8%. Maybe that Microhoo press got a lot of people yodeling after all,” Compete’s Jeremy Crane said.

Whatever caused Yahoo’s rise, it wasn’t at Google’s expense. The dominant search ad company picked up 68.9 percent of the search market in April 2008. A dropoff in queries at Microsoft’s Club Live nearly mirrors the total gain by Google and Yahoo last month.