Compete Tweaks Search Share Tracking

    February 27, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Hitwise and comScore have been the main sources cited for search engine market share from month to month; Compete has made some changes on its reports that they believe give them a solid alternative to numbers from the other firms.

Compete analyst Jeremy Crane announced some changes they have made with their search market reporting.

He cited three updates Compete made to their search share figures, which are reflected in their January 2007 numbers. Crane wrote that they now show actual market share numbers rather than just trends.

Compete also shows total search volume for the US market, and search volume by engine.

When it comes to ranking the top five search engines, Compete’s list isn’t any different than Hitwise’s or comScore’s. Google ranks first, followed by Yahoo, Microsoft, Ask, and AOL.

Year over year, Google has simply outrun everyone else. They have gained 20 percent, while the field has lost by Compete’s figures. Their share numbers for Microsoft and Ask are a couple of percentage points lower than what other site credit them for having; Yahoo is about five percent lower by Compete’s analysis.

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