Compete Confirms Tiny Chink In Google’s Armor

Decrease in January market share

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Due to the recession, the idea of a 0.3 percent drop sounds like nothing at all; plunges of 5, 10, and 20 percent are the norm now.  Still, Compete has released its description of the search market in January, and the report’s sure to turn a few heads with that exact figure. 

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According to Compete, Google’s share of the market went from 70.5 percent in December to 70.2 percent in January.  This implies a break in the search giant’s usual onward-and-upward movement, which is noteworthy enough even if Compete isn’t your favorite statistics provider.

What makes the 0.3 percent slip even more interesting is that comScore reported a similar 0.5 percent decrease in Google’s market share during the same time period.  So we appear to be looking at more than one company’s blip.

The search giant isn’t about to be toppled, though.  To round up Compete’s coverage of the search industry in January, Yahoo’s share increased by 0.3 percent (to 19.3 percent), MSN/Live’s share moved downward by 0.2 percent (to 19.7 percent), and Ask managed the tiniest gain of 0.1 percent (reaching a market share of 2.5 percent).

Assuming Google and Yahoo continued to lose and gain 0.3 percent of market share every month, respectively, it’d be about seven years before they met in the middle.

Compete Confirms Tiny Chink In Google’s Armor
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  • Johnny

    One reason they are losing traffic is b/c these days if folks try to type in a domain into Google sometimes it will return a result that says, “Did you mean “this keyword search instead”?”

    They don’t always do it and not for every domain, but the reason they DO do it is that if, for example, you type in Water.com in Google and they put Water.com in the first spot at the top of the page, then you simply click the link and go to Water.com. But if they say, “Did you mean Spring Water?”, then some folks will click that link and go to a page full of ads and possibly click them and then G has just made money out of what was normally a non-revenue generating visit.

    Ok…..why do I mention all this? It’s b/c folks don’t like their search interrupted.

    Many folks use Google to go to sites they already know. Instead of using the address bar in their browser they use Google to type domains like Water.com into, and then do a search and click on the Water.com link in the first position. That is not possible now 100% of the time…..so folks are using Yahoo more where if you type in a domain like Water.com you get back what you want…….which is Water.com in the first position.

    Google is interfering with folk’s search path and nobody likes that. Surfers on the Net travel like water…..they take the path of least resistance. :)

    • http://inchoo.net Toni Anicic

      You make a valid point about typical internet user’s behavior, however I don’t think that that fact is causing Google to loose market share.

    • http://www.pr-interactive.com florida web design

      that’s a good point that spelling bot stinks.

      Peter Roesler owner of a Florida Web Design Company

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