Compete Calls iPhone Biggest Launch Ever

    October 23, 2007

Compete has released a study that examines what peoples online shopping and browsing behavior suggest about the iPhone’s impact on the consumer market. The study includes information on wireless device demand, pre-purchase cross-shopping patterns and peoples views on entertainment and productivity related devices.

Going by consumer interest, the iPhone was the biggest handset launch ever. The iPhone received 20 times more interest than the average phone launch, and attracted higher volumes of shoppers than either the Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii at the peak of their launches.

People who consider an iPhone are only one -half as likely as the average wireless consumer to cross-shop other phones. Over 50 percent of Palm and Windows Mobile smartphone users rely on their device for mainly personal use.

Sixty-eight percent of consumers who use advanced wireless devices say that Internet access is the most important feature on smartphones, while 17 percent are least interested in mobile TV.

"The iPhone represents an important milestone in the evolution of consumer attitudes and behavior towards advanced wireless devices and services," said Adam Guy, Compete’s general manager of telecommunications and media.

"As the mass market continues to adopt increasingly advanced technologies, players throughout the wireless value chain will find new opportunities to offer dynamic and flexible products."